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Parenting Must Be Intentional—A Needed Message from a Mom and Media Expert

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Rebecca Hagelin, a vice-president at the Heritage Foundation, columnist, and concerned mom sounds a wake-up call to parents to be intentional in the raising of their children. Too often parents either lazily or naively allow the tide of unbiblical values wash their children out to sea and then wonder why they can’t rescue them when the cultural undertow drags them under.

Home Invasion is a must-read for all parents who desire to raise children who fear God, honor their country, and resist the pitfalls that abound in our increasingly sexualized culture. Even good, Christian parents who consider themselves “on top of things” may not realize how savvy the purveyors of smut are and how technology is widening the gap between parents and children. This book takes on all comers, offers practical and sensible guidelines for protecting your kids, and really challenges parents to do their duty.

Many commentators have rightly lamented the coarsening of our culture, but Hagelin goes a step further. She refuses to lay the blame at the feet of Hollywood, Madison Avenue, and the mainstream media. She points the fingers at parents who neglect their duty and have abdicated their role to unsavory peers, the boob tube at home, and a public school system gone crazy.

My daughter in only seven months old, but I have been warned. I will keep this book in my small stack of how-to parenting manuals. For those who have young kids and teens, please read this book and you will learn how to protect your children from the coming Home Invasion.


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"...a must-read handbook for parents..."
-Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Ph.D.

"Rebecca's book is a priceless blueprint for parents on how to counter the negative cultural influences that are inundating our children. Read Home Invasion and you'll be prepared to go to battle in the culture war—and win."
Sean Hannity
Nelson Charter

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