I'll tell you the same thing I told Farah,

Don Imus is but another example of a white guy falling victim to the "Free Speech Nazi's"! He should have realized that the insensitivity police sit in wait to ambush anyone with cream colored skin over anything they consider "White Hate Speech"!

Which, for the most part is anything a white person says!

Now far be it from me to judge a persons inner most beliefs based on the color of his or her skin tone, but honestly, this type of retribution, taking in to consideration the foul mouth filth that some of the so called black rappers put out, is taking this speech thing just a little too far. Don't you think?

It's become the ultimate sin...

God forbid, lets not do or say anything that could possibly hurt the feelings of a non white. That's what separates the south from the rest of the country; down here, people don't hide behind the cloak of political correctness. If they don't like you, they're not afraid to let you know it!

You're absolutely right; I'm sick and tired of getting kicked because I'm a white male, and frankly I don't care what Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton think. At least I can go to bed at night knowing that I didn't spend all day dreaming up ways to bash people with different skin color. That's what these so called Black leaders do.

And corporate American is so afraid of being labeled "Racist", they'll do what ever it takes to appease a minority group. Including jumping on the band wagon to destroy a white man because of his "Alleged Hate Speech"!

Dear Rebecca,

Thanks for writing the obvious that media darlings such as Rose, Whoopie, Barbara, etc. seem to be blind to. This discrimination against men goes much further than what you described, consider divorce. I have a close friend whose wife abandonded the family and ran off with several other men for affairs, came back to live in his house for a year, then sued him for divorce. The judge, a recently divorced woman, decided he had to split the value of the house with his ex-wife and then pay her alimony that was greater than he could reasonably afford. Fortunately, he was able to get the amount reduced, but now his monthly expenses have doubled and he can barely make it every month, can't afford health insurance and must work 10 -12 hrs/ day 6 to 7 days a week just to pay off his debt and alimony obligations. As you may well know, he can go to jail for missing payments. Meanwhile, the ex has been fired from her job, drives a newer Mercedes, takes vacations, and continues to threaten him with demands for greater alimony payments.

Sadly, this is not an isolated story, I know at least 4 other men who are going through a similar hell.

I believe that there is a spiritual force behind this attack and recommend that you research this at Henry Makow's site - www.savethemales.ca and read his essays about feminism. Interesting stuff and in my mind mostly true.

Keep up the good fight.

I was impressed by your article which I read on WorldNetDaily about discrimination against white teen boys. I thought the information from the FBI about black on white crime was interesting--that my son was more likely to be attacked by a black boy than the other way around. I have seen this with both my sons. We have lived in a predominantly black neighborhood for 20 years. My sons have been attacked for being white, they are often assumed racist with no evidence, and the police are reluctant to even file a crime report, even when on one occasion my oldest son was held against his will with a knife at his throat.

There is needed attention paid to providing help for black teen boys who need jobs and activities, but there is no activity or attention in the community my white son is invited to be involved in--he is descriminated against because he is white.

Hi Rebecca,

My 27-year-old daughter and I are forever marveling at how contemptuously men are portrayed in everything from TV commercials to sitcoms and even some movies. The feminist influence is so obvious and I can't help but wonder why no one raises a complaint against it. That is why I was so glad to see your column. It's about time someone said something about this outrageous discrimination. I am tired of seeing women portrayed as knowing everything and never being wrong no matter how b----- they are acting. These feminists need to go to therapy and work out their hatred of men and leave the rest of us alone. Of course, that isn't going to happen: they have too much fun spewing hatred and trying to remake society over into their twisted vision.

I can't believe this - I had a discussion over Easter on this very point.
I was commenting on what has happened to women.
Our young women - are becoming the worst of the worst - MEN Our young women wear combat boots - walk like a man - dress like men - belch like men grope men in public - let their guts hang out in front like men and expose their cracks in the back like men - all in the name of feminism (being set free to be what they want to be). Well forgive me women are better than men because we are women not because we want to be like them.
Don't get me wrong I love men. I have been married for 37 years I love my husband dearly.
But be like him - NO.

It comes to this - today's youth get their value from society not themselves and they are hurt when someone doesn't like them or worse calls them a name. If the shoes fits they used to say. Now it doesn't even have to fit - just have someone say it does and they fall apart. Sticks and stone can hurt my bones but words can never hurt me. We have all become victims - pray - God help us.

(FYI I couldn't get your email links to work....maybe include the address below them?)

The topic of white male discrimination has been on my heart as well. I found two authors in Canada, who are the only ones I know seriously addressing Misandry (hatred of men). Their two books (which I have purchased but not read yet) are Legalizing Misandry and Spreading Misandry.

Check out my upcoming book that addresses this also, in a slightly different way..it starts out light on the women as a hook, and may seem to be criticizing men, but that's just to draw the women in. It flips as the book progresses. I'll send you a copy in a couple of months when it comes from the publisher, if you're interested. Send me your mailing address.

I have come to believe after two years of counseling women on this and seeing their marriages dramatically changed, that our topsy-turvy way of running families today is at the root of much despair and divorce.

The God Empowered Wife: How Strong-Willed Women Can Help Their Husbands Become Godly Leaders.

God bless your work and your website,

You forgot to mention how white males are portrayed on crime shows.
99% of the time the perp is portrayed as a white guy. Minorities are rarely portrayed as perps and when they are they portray them as misguided or they justify their crimes.
In real life it is just the opposite. Minorities commit the majority of crimes especially violent crime.

Good Morning Rebecca,


I just cannot bear to watch TV and see the sitcoms portray us as complete boobs and fools. I was raised to respect elders, women and most everyone who deserved respect. That has all gone. I am afraid to voice my opinion on race, illegal immigrants and most any other subject that is not politically correct for fear of property damage, personal harm and vilification, not to mention a good old American lawsuit.

Common sense has just been swept under the rug and out of sight. The people we elect to go to the state house and Washington pander to whichever voting block makes the most noise. There are really not that many "GREENS", but they are well financed, well organized and make a lot of noise. Global warming has been going on since the glaciers started retreating.

Main stream media is just another pulpit for the biased. I majored in journalism in college many years ago- we were taught just one thing- ACCURACY IN REPORTING. What you thought carried no weight at all. As Joe Friday always said- "just the facts". Now everyone has an agenda.

Thanks again,

Dear Rebecca,

I too feel compelled to thank you.

I was pleasantly shocked to read you article being that your points have almost become a taboo in this society. It almost seems like we are at that point where it is “backwards” to suggest men can be decent and valuable assets to society and family. Almost like the assertion that humans did not evolve from apes, or any of the many things that seem to get the intelligentsia to roll their eyes. If you believe those things to be true then you must be a diluted, uniformed…. I don’t know… Christian maybe?

I myself am not white, but I would indeed be diluted if I did not recognize that some of the most significant influences and mentors in my life have been and are white males. They are as you say – decent, kind, strong, moral, men who have helped shape who I am today.

So again, thank you.

And not just for your article, but for the reminder that men and young men who are decent and good – regardless of race – need to be validated.

Warm Regards,

The problem at its root is marxist identity politics which has replaced the class struggle with minority/special interest group struggles. This works as it leaves you a greater number of groups and enough confusion to always keep the pot of social discontent and crisis boiling. One can treat the black male as male on day and black the next depending on whatever is convenient. Now you're a victim, now you are not, now you are again.

The issue then comes down to this, when you have certain groups partitioned off as "protected" then other groups are going to be "unprotected". Rarely will anyone admit this, but then they don't have to. Our culture models it daily. It is open season on the white male, especially the white Christian male. It has been for quite a while and the trend shows no sign of slowing down.

Since special interests have long since moved beyond dealing with this problem in a reasonable and civilized fashion, I do not hold out much hope for a real solution that works in a fairly equitable fashion all around but more of a pendulum swing. It won't be pretty.

You just can't beat the DO UNTO OTHERS...


You know, I have virtually stopped watching televison shows and the media on T.V. for this very reason. One show that really irritates the heck out of me is "Malcom in the Middle". You don't get to be much more of a idiot than the father on that show.

I first noticed this "trend" back when the sit-com "All in the Family" was running. (I guess that dates my age.) Archie and every other conservative, Christian was pictured as virtually mentally retarded, bigoted, sods who were lucky to blunder thru life. Heck, Archie (when in Christian mode on the show) constantly mis-spoke Christian verses and quotes from the Bible.

It's only gotten worse. My T.V. viewing pretty much consists of the History Channel, Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, The Weather Channel, The Travel Channel and a very small viewing of FOX News and HNN (Only to watch the Glenn Beck Program). Quite frankley, I don't watch T.V. news broadcasts anymore. You know when they're lying, their lips move. I don't read the drival in the mainstream papers anymore either. If it wasn't for my wife, I'ld cancel my newspaper subscription. (I tell my wife every time the paper comes that "The Toilet Paper is here.") I get my news from the Internet and Talk Radio. Period. And it's sad to say.

Our son graduated from high school last year. It was amazing to watch during his senior year how several of his teachers reacted to him when he stated he was joining the military. (He's currently in the U.S. Coast Guard.) Talk about hostility.

I'm just fed up with the entire situation. I don't know what to do to fix it. But I know I'm sick of it.

Thanks for letting me rant. Keep up the good work.

It is time for white Christian males to stand up. If Imus can be fired for referring to black women as “hoes,” Then every black rapper who does the same should be dropped by record labels, radio, TV and cable company.

I find it hard to believe that you push christian principles and a more responsible way of life, yet in the same breath you would attempt to sugar coat and minimize an obviously racist statement made by a white man. You sound as if he should get a pass simply because he's white.

This man decided to use a forum that reaches millions of viewers to call black collegiate atheletes a bunch of "Nappy Headed Hoes" . These were not females out robbing or destroying, these were young women who fought hard to accomplish their goals and at the pinnacle of their achievement they have to divert their time in the limelight and deal with the title "bestowed" upon them by Imus, with comments like this we males need no one's help to make us look bad.

Speaking of media portrayals and how unfair they are to white males, I'm sorry but as a black man looking for images of myself on media overwhelmingly controlled by white males and females, all I'm considered to be is a "dope dealer","illiterate athelete","dead beat dad","pimp","criminal" or some other negative charactor.

Descrimination hit your family in the gut because your son was denied an opportunity to run track, I do have regrets because I know the feeling of descrimination in EVERY facet of my life, this is something your son will never experience and neither will you, white preveledge is still truely alive in this culture and you give some credence to it when you suggest that Imus should have been treated differently than he has over his remark.

My descrimination is when people such as yourself say work hard and the American dream can be yours, then you subject me to an unequal,segregated educational system and twelve years later say "see the test scores don't lie,they just can't compete" or "It's a level playing field and all the schools are the same". I'm more subject to be pulled over while driving, have my car searched than a white person, and more likely to be ticketed. The criminal justice system will routinely jail me for a first offense when white males receive probation and/or counseling, any guilty sentence will give me more time than a white male committing the same offense and probation and early release will be given to this white male if he is jailed. The death sentence will be given to me at more than three times the rate it is given to white males guilty of the same crime.

I do agree that there is an attack on males in this society, but the attack on males who look like me have been going onfor over 200 years, sorry you didn't feel the need to help me in my struggle.

Scholarships for minorities became necesarry because christians such as yourself not only said "we" would never attend "your" schools but a historical system of economic apartheid in this country virtually guarantees that blacks will earn significantly less through their entire lifetimes than white, thus maintaining economic inequality and thus social equality. This system still exists today and anyone disputing it is only lieing to themselves.

No, its not your son's fault for the way things are it's you and your forefathers fault because you implicitly and outwardly supported a system of goverment and culture that made sure that your son and people who look like him or given the most and first of every benefit this country has to offer and in doing so shut out anyone you asked to be given equal consideration.

I could go on and on but I think you see my point. I'm christian and I love my brothers and sisters in Christ, however many of my brothers and sisters who don't look like me should seek the promise of equality outside as well as within the church, only then can people of different cultures trying feel that they are included in the promise that this "christian" nation promised to all of it's people.

Feel free to respond and I will converse and answer any question you may have.

I couldn't agree with your article more! To add my own 2 cents worth - as usual, the "silent majority" has been silent on this issue. Thank you for offering a place where people can express their concerns to someone who will listen, and for sending comments to the people who should hear them.

What's happening these days in our country is crazy! When are we going to stop the madness


Thanks for giving me a chance to blow off some steam. I live in a town with an all female college, Cottey College in Nevada, MO. Trust me I see male bashing all the time, you might even say it's a sport for some.

Two stories that illustrate this, a few years back a young man and woman at Brown University were drunk, had consensual sex and the young woman later filed rape charges against the guy. I think it was Geraldo Rivera who went to the campus to ask some questions and was practically run off campus by angry students who thought the young man should be thrown out. I had something of a similar, but milder reception, from some Cottey students when I asked one a question similar to Geraldo's: Why don't BOTH students bear the same amount of responsibility for the incident? They were very upset that I suggested the young lady bear any responsibility for her actions.
They had no problem saying the young man was a rapist and worse.

I've covered events at the college where I'm the only man around and sometimes the young women seem to go out of their way to try to offend me, usually by using sexual references or complaining about male potency, noises or smells, especially flatulence. One time I was sitting at a table and a student in a very low cut blouse came by and offered some kind of nosh.
Since it was Cottey the food was not exactly appealing to me (a cucumber slice on a piece of melba toast or some such nonsense) I thanked her but declined the offer. She repeated the offer several more times with other similar food, bending over towards me each time. The last time she did it she was practically tipping over she had bent forward so far. I glanced at her to tell her I didn't want any and she took one hand off of the tray and tapped her forehead and said: "I'm up here." Several of the students broke out laughing and it looked to me like I had been deliberately set up.

There are other times when you can't really point to anything concrete about it but you just get a feeling that men are not welcome at some things. There is a new president now and it does seems the atmosphere is less hostile, less strident around there.

On an amusing note I saw a funny (to me anyway) Dear Abby column about a woman complaining that her husband always left the seat up on the toilet.
The wife would come in and would sit down without looking and get a chilly reception. She complained that he just wouldn't learn to put the seat down.
I wrote a column that included what my response would have been: For 25 years you've known that your husband leaves the seat up yet you never think to stop and put it down before sitting? Who's the one with a learning disability?

I got several responses, all negative. A couple took me to task for using bathroom humor but the rest all were aghast that I didn't think the husband a total cad. (I did say he should put the seat down to be polite.) I just thought the wife should use her noggin before thumping down on cold porcelain. Women hectored me for months about that column.

Rebacca, You hit the nail on the head about males being bashed all over the media. I am the father of two boys and it's disgusting how TV potrays us 80% of the time. But let one white man say something really stupid about minority women and the whole country is in an outrage. I would like to see the CD collections of the Rutgers girls team and I would almost bet that women are called much worse things in some of those so called songs than what Imus said about them. Keep up the good work and don't ever back off, the opposition never does.

Hi Rebecca,

I thought it was just me for a while, I've noticed the commercials and movies all portraying our young men or fathers as idiots and I wondered what was happening to the respect.

I hear co-workers the majority of are minorities and their mouths are full of contempt for men. The way they even treat their men is despicable.

I am going to pass your article around and I hope this country wakes up, not unlike the things spoken of in the book The Marketing of Evil, we need to wake up those that are sleeping and being led down a path of destruction for this country.

Thank you for your wonderful piece on Imus, PC and white males! Your voice is a welcome tone in our moment of national suicide. And thank you so much for the generous endorsement of our book, Energy Zappers.

I didn't email you your appearance on O'reilly's show, or any other article you have written on the subject, but I would be remiss if I didn't email you this time.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I was wondering if it was just me, am I just that easily offended? It is not only the shows on TV, but the advertisements too. In almost all the ads where there is a buffoon, it almost always is a white male, the easy target.

People had better turn off their plasma TVs, get off their 4-wheelers, and see what is happening in this "once great country". Expanding on the subject a bit--conservatism (morality) is dead. The hole has been dug, the coffin lowered. All that is left is the dirt in the hole. God save our country!

Keep up the good work.

Thank you for you commentary I read this morning on World News Daily. The double standard is deplorable to me as a white male. Why is only white males are racist? A black comedian can say anything he wants in any forum and it is OK. A white comedian says something similar he is run off stage, hits the apology circuit. I refer to Michael Richards.
Imus made inappropriate remarks, apologize and move on. When did it become a world with no mistakes allowed? The ones driving this are Al Shaprton and the like who needs divisiveness to keep their jobs.

As a father of three homeschooled children I can really relate to most of what you say. However I think being "civil" to the cultural marxists is no longer an alternative. Do you have any idea what these monsters would like to do to us? Read the e-mail that the woman who "outed "Al Gore's profligate lifestyle received to get an idea. It will make you sick- and fearful.The time for "nice" is long over. If we mean for ourselves and our progeny to survive-and in the long run nothing else matters-then we, and they, must learn how to think and to fight. It isn't going to be "nice".

Well Rebecca, the only thing I can think of is:

The next time an office machine breaks down, the office mgr. should call a female techy to do the repairs.

Most especially white males, this needs to STOP immediately. My son (I am his mother) and talk often about what has happened to the white male image in America and how women in their push for equality (which we have had since the beginning of time) have created this monster. The young women hold the "children" over the young men's heads, if you don't do what I want, you will never see this child again, etc. Men are made out to be total idiots in the media and NOW in the homes across America. This has always been the greatest nation on earth since it's inception, women are destroying it along with panywaist men. I would like some ideas about where to begin to turn this thing around.
Thanks for letting me blow off steam.


I'm of Hispanic background and I really think that we are trapped by our own laws. Today nobody can express anything at all without offending someone because people are taking comments too personal. and groups are getting too sensible.

You're right the white male has nothing and no group backing them and it's time they get together and fight for it; they are loosing a battle without even trying.

I'm againts quotas and using minority status to advance in anything.

People should get things or advance because their own merits and capabilities not because gender, religion or race. Everyone should have the same opportunities if you qualify for it.

And we should be less sensible about comments so people can enjoy life the way it used to be and not try to get others for what they say.

I am a conservative Christian white male father. The worst of all worlds according to the "PC" crowd. You are right when you say that the portrayal of Men is seriously flawed, but this man couldn't care less what the "PC" crowd thinks of me. This CCWMF is too busy earning a living and trying to be a roll model to my 2 kids, to be offended.

I choose to teach my children the value of being self-sufficient, relying only on God's promise to ensure my children a heritage they can be proud of. Self esteem comes by teaching children to do the right things the right way, for God's glory.

I have to answer only to God, for the talents I have been given and how I used them. Others will have a lot more to explain on "that" day.

May God have mercy on all of us for the way we handled the stewardship of his creation.

I agree with your article in every way and with every point made. Thank you for being a voice and not an echo.

My husband and I pastor a church in the Fort Worth area, and we endeavor to build up each of our male members and encourage them to reach and fulfill their God-given potential.

Hi Rebecca; Re; your article, Imus, white males and PC discrimination. While I agree totally about the Jackass formula that TV shows use to make fun of males, as well as the other things said in the article, why now, after what? 30 years of his crass remarks and putdowns is he being castigated for saying what he did about those women? That's my question, WHY NOW? (I don't care for his show, but have seen it a few times, because a friend of mine watched it.) It is my understanding that the blacks themselves have come up with these phrases, and worse , but let a white person say them and they are automatic racist put downs. I wonder when people are going to quit wearing their feelings on their sleeves and stop being so sensitive? I don't believe things would have gone as far as they did if it were not for that clown, Al Sharpton sticking his nose in it. And Imus going on Al's show and kissing Al's donkey just made things worse, because Al is/was not looking for an apology, Al was out for blood as always. The black people would be better off without Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. To quote the infamous words of Rodney King....Why can't we all just get along? ( Hope this makes sense, I tried to keep it short. )

Thank you for your observations. I sense a growing undercurrent of resentment on the part of many white males. I am sick and tired of the inane stupidity of the media and advertisers who constantly degrade white men. I long ago tuned out broadcast TV as it seems to be designed to put us down in as many ways as possible, from program content to the ads. I consciously avoid products I associate with this treatment and frequently ask friends to do so as well. The feminization of this society has been a disaster for both sexes and the unremitting attack on white guys will eventually boomerang to nobody's benefit. I’m a former U.S. Marine, a member of a brotherhood that values the man and respects the individual, unfortunately, the money grubs running media and ad agencies will never understand those principles.


You hit so many "hot buttons", I don't know where to start.

First - thanks for weighing in on the side of us guys. There are times when I need a "hug", and that was well timed and appreciated!

Best wishes to your son as he starts college. And those wishes extend to Mom and Dad, too - it's quite an experience leaving your child at college and then coming home to his empty room. Our youngest is a freshman at Truman State University (Kirksville, MO). We were fortunate in that he was able to qualify for several academic scholarships available to the "general population". But what you say about scholarships for every imaginable cause is true!

My take on the news media in general - this 24X7 news cycle has got to stop and take a breath. What Imus said was crude and offensive…we all agree…now let's move on. The round-the-clock-live-in-your-face-here's-the-latest-news just blows every little blip into a major crisis. I'd really like to see this sort of outrage equally distributed to all of those who say or do such crude and offensive things. That would certainly shut down a lot of this disgusting rap music! It’s like I used to ask the ref's when I coached my son's teams - let's call the game the same at both ends.

Thanks for the great articles and your work at Heritage!

Ms. Hagelin: I wrote to your Worldnet email address and then realized that I should have sent it to this address.

I must thank you for your article regarding "White Males and PC Discrimination." I am a 44 year old white male, father of 4 (2 boys and 2 girls), married to a wonderful woman. We are Christians. My twin brother and I have discussed this very topic for years. We have noticed how print media, TV commercials and TV Show (and movies) consistently portray White Males as Fat, out of shape, bald, stupid, nerdy, out of touch, uncool, ugly babbling idiots. Commercial after commercial and show after show portray Dads and White Men in this fashion and it's wrong. Few have the nerve to point this out for fear of being called racist or bigoted but it's refreshing to know that many others have noticed this. I am 5'11" 195 lbs. I workout with weights, I have a black belt in both Japanese and Korean Karate, I run, I play full court basketball, and competitive softball, I am not fat, I am not bald, I am College educated and work in a white collar Sales Director's capacity, I am active in Church. I coach youth baseball, football and basketball and rarely attend professional sporting events (I would rather watch my son's and daughters play a game than any Pro Sport Team), I don't drink Miller or Bud Light and comment on the cheerleaders (I prefer Red or White Wine), I read the Bible and try to apply it to our daily lives, I love my wife and respect her (She is beautiful), I try to be a positive role model for my kids and refuse the have MTV, Actors/actresses or Sports figures impact their developmental years and closely montior our public schools. But you would never know someone like me exists by watching TV, going to movies or reading print media. Keep up the good work. I am going to buy your book.

Thanks again.

Hello Rebecca

I would like to comment on the Imus situation.He never stopped calling President Bush throughout the Katrina debacle a racist because according to Imus the people were left on rooftops in New Orleans because they had black faces.This was everyday.What kind of irresponsibility on his part might have caused more racial divide hearing that for a year? He also attacked Catholics through his surrogate Bernard. He had no problem when he was attacking Republicans for bigotry and usually thought they had to be removed from their positions even after an apology for saying mean spirited words.Still I do not think Imus had to be pulled off the air waves because of his comment bigoted as it was. All you have to do is turn on tv and see everyone is usually portrayed in some awful way.White men are portrayed as you have said as lazy dopes on sitcoms. My pet peeve are commercials.The parents of a young child are usually middle to late fifties in age.What is that all about? Parents men and women of three year olds by a majority are in their early thirties.An entire generation is not seen in white commercials.It is the old babyboomers in these commercials as parents now of preschoolers.Please stop the madness.Ridiculous. The bottom line is the culture is so crude now that just about anything goes.There is no more shame.People used to be ashamed of themselves but now they all whine about their upbringing or some other reason for shameful behavior. I do not see Imus as the poster boy of bad behavior.There is enough of it to go around all over the place.I just wish the media would stop their hypocrisy all around.

Dear Rebecca

As a person who works in mental health, I make it a point to observe the various behaviors around me. (both male and female)

The most notable of those are the actions of many women in our society who have taken on the appeal of feminist ideology.

While prancing about as women, they are more like men and castrated ones at that. It is disheartening for men to see the women of our society bastardized to the point of compulsion while vilifying the very ones who would honor them with respect and place.

Because men live with the results of the feminist movement on a daily basis, it has become impossible to speak to women on any terms, comment to women on any level or subject, or view them with anything but contempt.

Our children also have been subjected to much of the same. Still the media persists in honoring women above all. Women have been placed in a class of people who are beyond reproach and exalted to lofty places.

While the light shines on women as glorified humans, it is the children and men who see them for what they have become. The ascended masters of the feminist movement, media and government can no longer glorify life in all its diversity. It can only exalt itself as the authority for the rest of us. I find it hard to imagine any other description more fitting the modern woman as the ones portrayed of them as one hears on radio, television, music and from government gobblygook.

Women will find it easy to maintain their position in the feminist movement but the contempt of them by their men and children will however last for generations or as the neanderthals in evolution put it, until the next stage of progress overtakes them,( someday). One can only hope that as with all things, change will take place for the better; despite our societies acceptance of the feminist culture and its aversion to sensibility. Real men continue to look for women who will not compromise their feminity to anyone and hope for the day when women will once again value themselves as the people God intended them to be.

I am a mother of two (going on three) white middle-class males and I came to the realization that the middle-class, white male was the most discriminated group of people about ten years ago. I was in my last years of having been a collegiate track and field athlete (I threw shot put and javelin) and saw first hand the effects of Title IX. I was at a school in northern Utah (Utah State University) that had for several years one of the best wrestling programs in the nation. It had to be cut because of Title IX. The university did not have a men's baseball team, men's swimming team, and tennis had been moved to a "club" status. In fact the only men's sports programs were football (a huge scholarship drain) and basketball and track. The fact of the matter is Title IX is based on the number of scholarships a school gives out. The women's programs have to have the same number as the men's and when a school has a football program with so many people on the team, its hard for a women's program to catch up. In fact the last year I was at USU they were trying to find one more women's team to start up because they were short one and were violating Title IX. They already had volleyball, gymnastics, softball, track, and tennis but had to come up with another one. Smaller schools that don't bring in a lot of athletic revenue struggle the most.

On another note, I also was applying to medical schools during my junior year of college. I was a 3.5 student and did o.k. on the MCAT. I only got two interviews and was not accepted at any school. I was told by one interviewer that he did not doubt I could do the work, just that my MCAT wasn't good enough. I was not too disappointed because I came to realize that if I had been a male I probably would not had even gotten any interviews because I knew guys that had better gpa's than me and better MCAT scores and did not get any interviews at all. I guess all I was missing was being a minority.

In the long run my life has turned out wonderful and I don't regret not going to medical school. I am a mother of three going on four and am very happy. At times I worry about my children, especially my sons, but I know that if they work hard they can achieve anything, no matter the odds. It might be harder than it should be, but it will all work out.

I just read your article in WND about the way white men are treated in the media and I couldn't agree more with you. I'm soon to be 57 years old and for at least half of my adult life I have seen it happen progressively more since my early twenties.I have two girls and two boys and I have refereed cat fights, gunfights, small wars and large ones. on the other hand I have also fixed cars, mended broken hearts, bruises bumps, scrapes and scratches galore. I have also managed to maintain a healthy relationship with my wife thirty-six years. I happen to think my mother-in-law is the neatest woman on this earth[next to her youngest daughter] and I wouldn't trade her for the preverbial farm in Texas. I moonlight as an unpaid bluegrass musician in my spare time.I am always on call to my children 24-7 and wouldn't have it anyother way. By the way, my kids would be the first to defend me as a stereotype whit male so I'm pretty secure with where I'm at in life. I just hate to see young men being taught that they are only buffoons and are to be scorned and rediculed by those in the know ie. tv and mainstream media and last but not least the primetime commercials. Thanks for asking for input from one of us outside the "normal" folk. I like your articles and always try to read them wherever I see them.

Dear Rebecca:

I just read the article, "Imus, White Males..." and appreciate your common sense. I would like to give some of my impressions as to why there is no male outrage. One major reason is that males have been taught from a very young age that "You don't hit girls", which has been interpreted in more than one way. Throughout my life, I've heard such statements as: "Boys don't hit girls" or "If a girl hits you, don't be a coward and hit her back". But it's also been ingrained into the male mentality that males don't verbally attack females. Therefore, if a female calls a male a pig, for example, a gentleman does not retaliate, even making a complaint is viewed as him acting somewhat like a sissy.

Being masculine is meant to be understood that males can take anything. Females can be more daring, such as demanding to be on a school football team, and defying anyone to say that she cannot perform as well as her male peers. Of course, nobody is supposed to notice that her male peers will play more gently with her. Now, if a male wants to join a female team, he will be teased and ostracized.

So males are being portrayed as morons on tv? What male will dare "cry" about that? Males should not cry, and complaining can be looked at as crying. Males should not make themselves look vulnerable by complaining. Females, however, are viewed as having a reason to complain when they complain. At one time they couldn't vote, so their actions changed that. I never saw that as such a great injustice because there are so many people who don't bother to vote, yet we still hear feminists ululate about when women didn't have this right. Males still have to enlist with the military, but females still don't-and males still haven't taken action to change this gender discrimination.

The feminist movement has gotten away with making unreasonable and illogical demands because males should not fight back, but accept what females want. Males generally want to please females by giving up seats, protecting them, graciously allowing them to go first, etc. Feminists now seem to assume that this special respect for females is a natural right, and therefore, females should be respected and males should be looked at with a keen, critical eye.

Another observation I've made is that females tend to band together and protect each other and stand up for each other. Males seem to be more individualistic. For example, males generally don't group together to complain about unfair laws against divorced fathers until it has hit them personally. Nobody pities an unfairly treated male, but nobody, neither males nor females, will tolerate poor treatment of any female.

To this day, we don't even hear about the logical reasons women were discriminated against in the past. In education, males needed a better education because they were the providers. In employment, males not only needed better jobs to provide, but also were and still are more reliable. Yes, there are exceptions, but males don't get pregnant and generally don't take time off of work to tend to their children's needs. I've recently read that health insurance providers unfairly discriminate against females because female health care is more costly. However, males still aren't fighting the unjust higher car and life insurance policies that males have to pay.

Anyway, the bottom line is that males haven't organized themselves in high enough numbers to make an impact for necessary change. Illogical opinions about male inferiority and female superiority are a strong part of our culture, and it won't change until ardent feminists are forced to listen to reason.

Good day !

When, in the 70s, America started to give the store away to minorities at the expense of whites...I left NYC for good. I'm a white guy. I was on the bottom of the totem pole & I knew it. No education equals no money. I know how blacks feel when they are descriminated against. Because it's happened to me. And I assure you...it's infuriating. But somehow, I feel it does not happen to blacks as much as they think. And it happens to whites more than anyone knows. Did you see the latest FBI crime data ? Black on white crime is second only to black on black crime. With Imus, the media would have us all believe it's the Jim Crow era all over again. When in fact, it's the opposite. What about all the great work Imus has done with his free hospitals, etc. in New Jersey ? Not a word from the media about that. The media has failed us once again. Pathetic.

I agree with you 100% as a white man, I have not always been a saint but I am not the inept knuckle dragging moron that is all over the television. The women are brilliant and the men can't dress themselves. I have also experienced it in the classrooom. I had absolutely no help, and none was offered when I went to college. I am drowning in student loans, yet most of the people that I spoke with in school, minorities and women had grants and loans and didn't have to pay a dime. But everywhere I turn the big bad white man did it. I am sick of it. I am also a staunch Biblical conservative. I fully expect to be drug out of my house and beheaded before my life is over because of who I am, and what I believe.


Thanks for the high five on us males. Keep up the good work, because god knows this USA needs all the "un-pc" media it can get.

Hi Rebecca,

Of course you're right. On every point! I only Thank God that nobody will know that my son is white since his Mother is from Thailand. I've noticed the trend to treat boys (particularly white boys) as 2nd class citizens for over 20 yrs now. Not to mention patriotic, conservative, heterosexual Christians.

It's apparent that this Nation has a particularly sociopathic need to find a group to scapegoat. The best scapegoats are the always the ones who don't fight back. With so much self-loathing and a turn-the-other-cheek mentality nobody could be a better target than a contemporary white male Christian. This culturally accepted abuse will continue until the white male finds the will to fight back.

Like all bullies, the leftist and feminist bully will cease to pick on someone who is willing to throw a counter punch. I learned this at an early age when I attended school. I came home one day and told my Mother that a bully was picking on me and her response was to hit them back. Needless to say I did and the bully went away, never to return again. I've been fighting back ever since.

What surprised me when I moved out West was how many white male liberals were part of the problem. While they were always quick to point out how evil I was as a result of my heritage and gender they were equally quick to exempt themselves from their own harsh judgment. Since they were the liberal, enlightened ones they were somehow able to rise up and above the guilt inherent to their race and gender. At my expense.

What disappointed me the most was how our older generation was able to ease their conscience at the expense of their children and grandchildren. People no longer do what's best for Americans or America. Rather, they only act in their own best interest, especially politically.

The reason that Christians are also such a popular target is because they preach tolerance. Another reason is because Christians try to live up to standards which make the liberal uncomfortable with themselves. Liberals typically point out the splinter in another's eye, but never remove the beam from their own eye, to use biblical terms. They project their own despicable behavior onto those of us who are comfortable with the way in which we conduct our lives.

I realize that I will be unable to change the world, but I will refuse to be a part of it. Another proverb from that good book comes to mind. Don't follow the ways of the world. Hard to do, but I will try. I've found strength in my older age by no longer caring what others think and by recognizing that such hate filled rhetoric is beneath me. I'm also happy to see a growing conservative movement in this country. We can no longer afford to tear down the very foundation of this country. The Christian white male has much to be proud of. The only way to deny us our respect is to revise history which some will attempt to do every day.

In the end I'm confident that good will triumph and that we will answer for what we do and how we conduct our lives. Not by how others portray us.

you have expressed my thougths to a tee and I appreciate the candor. I have two sons and three daughters and three grandsons and two grand daughters.

the stigma that is placed on my teen son is (white christian) daunting.

i also believe that when we let our duaghters (I dont) say yes and not NO... we opened up a pandoras box that treats everyone as if they are only sex objects and nothing else. The only value they have is waht they do with thier bodies and who they do it with.

I have pains takingly taught our children the truth about sex and drugs. My job is to see that my children make it thuorgh the 12 grade (now college) without a life altering event that some teeny popper or rap song dared or pressured my child into a stupid desision that will affect them for life.

I enjoyed your column it spoke volumns.

Keep up the fight and be well.

Just read your latest column. Wow! That was a breath of fresh air!

As a white male (and father of three white males), it sure gets tiresome being blamed for all of this society’s misdeeds in history. Thanks! Let’s hope your thoughtful piece will become part of a tidal wave of sentiment that discrimination to “get even” is still discrimination.

I am a truck driver in Chicago right now, I read your article, many of us truck drivers agree with exactly what you are saying, personally I have sent Johnson and Johnson an e-mail expressing my frustration with their advertising making the white male look like a dolt, and until the ad's change I will not be using their products in the future, I DID NOT GET A RESPONSE, AND STILL DO NOT, AND, WILL NOT, USE THEIR PRODUCTS.





I'd like to tell you about my godson. Matthew is 8, almost 9 and just barely broke 50 pounds. In third grade, he's a straight A student, a boy scout, and one of the most caring kids you'll ever see. He's usually at the bottom of the class (both boys and girls) for size and weight. This is where the fun comes in. After trying him in soccer, basketball, and baseball - the St. Louis Trinity - he hated them all. His parents finally gave in and let him play ice hockey. His second year playing he made the travel team and had a great time. Last year his father forced him to branch out into new sports so he wouldn't be pigeon-holed into hockey. He picked lacrosse and field hockey. This is where the fun comes in Hockey will not be sanctioned in anyway by the state of Missouri. At first it was said it was because of the insurance liability, until someone pointed out cheerleading and football both have higher rates. Then it was because the cost of ice time. When teams volunteered to chip in the cost of ice if the schools would pay for coaches and officials.. nothing happened. Suddenly it became apparent that it was because they are boys. Lacrosse is even worse. Next year, girls' lacrosse will become a state sanctioned sport. That's a good thing. Problem is, with more teams, and more players on each team, boys were left out. One district, Parkway, budgeted $107,000 for four girls teams, but still charges the boys club lacrosse to even use their fields Then there is field hockey. Luckily he found a private league to play one now, Gateway Field Hockey, but state rules say he will not be allowed to play for his school, because he is a boy. It doesn't matter that field hockey is a non-contact sport or that he is small for his age. He is a boy so he is not allowed to play.

Three sports, three strikes, all because he is a boy

I am disgusted with the way Don Imus was treated. I am not a fan of his as I do not care for "shock jock" radio or TV, but the man made a tasteless joke. This idea that these poor women are forever scarred is silly. If one stupid remark has forever ruined their psychic they all need some psychiatric counseling. It really brought their great athletic ability, which most people were not aware of, to the notice of the nation.

Unfortunately, as has been said by many people, this just goes to show the difference between being a white, heterosexual, male in this society, and everyone else. No matter what happens Jesse "Hymie town" Jackson and Al "Tawana Brawley" Sharpton always rush in screaming racism. Where were they when the boys from Duke University were declared innocent? Why didn't they hold press conferences telling everyone how sorry they were for the racial slurs and remarks made against white males? Where was Jesse Jackson offering a free college scholarship for those boys like he did for their accuser after it was proved she lied about the whole thing and ruined their lives?

I, for one, will never watch MSNBC again and will not listen to CBS. One person won't make a difference, but I would like to see white people boycott the sponsors the same as the minority people always threaten to. We are being intimidated for every time we turn around because we are "racists". I am sick of the word, and I am sick of the sick music in the black community that is sacred to them but just don't let a white person say the same thing. I am sick of these loud mouths that get on TV and shout down the other people on the program. What happens to our rights as plain white people who truly are the "silent majority". From the blogs I have read there is a lot of anger out there. Some of the black people are shocked at the anger expressed by white people in the blogs. Do they think they alone have a right to their thoughts and feelings? It works both ways.

This whole situation is disgusting, and I am sick of a country where our real "leaders" are people who get up and shout down everyone who does not agree with them. I hope that white people will start watching every remark made by a minority, and start responding with the same venom as the black community displays toward white America, and I hope they demand the person be fired. Then we will see the true power in America for a change.

That is the main reason we no longer watch "mainstream" television in our home. Men are viewed as idiots while women are wise and all knowing. Interesting how in the 1950's and 60's women were homemakers who were quietly wise in some shows as were men. Today, the only honest shows that shows a real family home are 7th Heaven, Everyone Hates Chris, and Bernie Mac. The rest all portray men as clueless drinkers who barely have a job. With that, we mainly watch Discovery, History, Cartoon, or Comedy Channels.... and Fox News.

I think Imus was just showing how the rapper community, black and white, talk about women.

See, he was attacking the rappers, not the women. To achieve this he was talking like a rapper not as himself. This is so elementary.

No way is he a racist. He is a comedian and someone in touch with the whole world, not just a small part of the world like some who try to control thought for their own selfish political reasons.

Haven't his critics ever listened to the way he presents his skits before? Or was this just too good a chance for demagogues to ignore?

I think we all know that answer now.

I like to listen to the radio "right" too. Some of them would go at this another way. They might just denounce rappers and their crude ways. Imus achieves the same result and adds humor to the mix. In the early morning people want fun not lectures as they battle sleepiness or traffic or both.

Sadly in our PC "1984" world that doesn't work too well anymore I guess.

Why didn't he say this or something like this too?

I hope he writes a juicy "tells all" book now on all those former friends who turned on him. I'll bet that won't be PC.

Go get 'em I-MAN!

Well said! Author! Author! The last time I saw the angry white male rise up was during the Bush-Gore vote recounts in Florida. It is high time we stop this PC emasculation.

Your observations regarding discrimination against white males is, indeed, a shameful, stupid and detrimental reality in contemporary American culture. Your courage to point this out is admirable. The false notion that men and women are "equal", now deeply ingrained in our society, will inevitably lead us towards further deterioration. Instead, we should proudly celebrate the differences between genders. We must cherish the core differences simply because nature itself has made us equally dependant on each other and recognizing this will point us towards a virtuous cycle going forward. One of the most glaring differences between genders is the males instinct for risk taking balanced by risk aversion by females. This delicate balance has been essential to a prosperous civilization.

Thank You Rebecca!

It is so rare that I ever find anyone willing to speak in defense of me. I struggle to find anything written or produced for the media that portrays the person I am or the hero that I want for my son.

One of the prime examples of who made us look bad is Bill Clinton, the typical 'Anglo-Saxon adulterous pig male', (no hero for my son) and yet the media and this country excuse his behavior. "Hey, he's just a typical white male and that's what guys do."

They are so wrong!

Ms. Hagelin,

I salute you in Jesus' Name. My thanks to you and all your 'Home Invasion' colleagues for your service to His Kingdom.

I enjoyed reading your article on the Christian Worldview Network site. I had to laugh because I fear that I am one of those straight white males that might, if judged prejudicially, be seen as a 'mook' of a man... lazy, sloppy, woman-ogling, etc. Especially if you were to see how I look on Saturday!

Now, I would love to think that my precious wife would contest this view of me, and there are days when she is still happy that she married me. Nevertheless, I would argue that the Media is venting what I call the 'Don Rickles' instinct... you may be too young to remember Mr. Rickles, but he was very popular in his day. He was a comic whose whole 'schtick' was to roam through the audience poking fun at his fans.... they loved the ribbing. I would submit that in this pc-paralyzed culture of ours where we can't even read certain passages of sacred scripture in public without fear of being accused of felonious 'hate speech', there are simply no targets left for even good-humored ribbing. Though there is nothing in Scripture to support this idea, I would bet that in their most relaxed moments, Jesus and His disciples probably joked around amongst themselves to blow off steam.

Anyway, I guess my point is that if a straight white male is fortunate enough to love God, and is called according to His purposes, the desperately unfortunate trend you have accurately identified in the media will not have much effect. We in the Body of Christ are held up to a standard of such a different ilk as to be unrecognizable to the world. On behalf of all my straight white male brethren, I applaud your journalistic courage, but I think we can take it.

As soon as I find the remote, I am going to sit back down in front of the TV, open another beer, and ignore my family in favor of another episode of the Wide World of Wrestling. (just kidding about the beer... I am thrilled to be able to share that, through the power of the Holy Spirit and because I belong to Jesus, I am a recovering alcoholic with over 18 years of sobriety... Praise the Lord!!!)

I agree with your article and I think it's a shame the way men are portrayed on TV. Women have also been portrayed in the same manner - even worse because they add the sex card to the equation and make them out to be bimbos and dumb blondes. I refuse to watch these programs. I prefer shows like House, ER and Lost which portray good human characteristics.

Dear Rebecca,

Must tell you that just as I logged on I was thinking ACLU and came up with "Anti-Christian Lawyers United"--fair, don't you think?

I totally agree with your assessment of fathers and sons, our teenage boys. I agree that the 3 young Duke men were much more mature in their news conference than many adults have been.

I am sorry that you have not been able to find scholarships for your son, and also that he won't be able to play the sport for which he has prepared himself at the college he chose. In 1988 we were searching for scholarships for our daughters to attend Bob Jones University, since they do not accept federal funds, etc. There was nothing available for our straight A student who received the highest grades honor of the entire University her freshman year there, and this would have been her senior year in high school. I, too, found the scholarships available to everyone but those with high grades, so we were paying for two girls in college from our own pockets.

We know that anything said from the pulpit, Christian airwaves and Christians themselves will be unfairly judged and put on the "high moral judgement" of Sharpton and Jackson much more from now on than it has been in the past. The dumbing-down of so many Americans has been accomplished by the liberals, and now all they have to do is continue to "feed the free corn" to them and keep them in the pasture.

Wishing God's best to you and your family. Bob Jones has a fine intramural sports program.

Hi Rebecca,

As an African-American male living in this overly-PC American society, I have to say I really sorry for white guys. Your recent TH article detailing how white boys and men are demonized daily in our culture and insulted with impunity is right on the money.

As a married man who hopes to be a father in the not-so-distant future, I, too, am infuriated with how men as husbands and fathers are portrayed in American pop culture - not to mention the institution of marriage itself. We need to realize that demonizing and ridiculing one section of our population, as well as something as sacred as marriage, will have unintended and very negative consequences in the long run. In fact, with recent reports out that approximately 40% are American children today are born to unwed (read: mostly never married) mothers (many who "choose" to be single mothers), we're already seeing the writing on the wall.

Strong, two-parent families are the backbone of a strong and prosperous society. The sooner we realize that as a country, the better off we'll be.

I just read your article "Imus, Males and the 'PC' Discrimination". Your are RIGHT ON! My husband and I are raising two teenage boys. We homeschool, yet they are still inundated with the media portrayal of men as incompetent oafs. It just breaks my heart. Why in our society do we sit back and tolerate this nonsense? Oh, that's right...because if we (meaning conservative Christians) do speak out, we're labeled "INTOLERANT."

Please, Rebecca, keep speaking out on behalf of our young men and continue to encourage the rest of us to do the same.


Thank you for speaking up for men -- real men who love their wives and children as Christ loves His church. The night before your column appeared on Townhall.com my wife and I were discussing, well complaining mostly, about the lack of any positive portrayal of men by the entertainment industry -- specifically television. Your column is exactly right and well timed. Our culture is in desparate need of change. But will change come?

Thank you for your work, writings, and willingness to speak out about that which most simply ignore.

I read your column in the Worldview E-mail news I get, and I've been saying this for several years now.

My son is 47, and I have nephews. None are the idiots protrayed on TV. I actually wrote to one show and told them that if I had talked to MY husband in such a fashion, he'd have left me long ago. It was disrespectful, rude and even, at times, vulgar. Never got a response of course. (It was Everyone Loves Raymond.)

Keep it up, as I know many women who are fed up with this stupidity. There aren't as many feminists out there......not the hardcore types...... as they let on. These boys are OUR sons after all!! Now i know that my son is not a teenager, but...he's a husband and father. So he gets bashed too.

Emotional and personal as it is, there's nothing wrong with your column as far as it goes. But I'm less concerned with white boys than I am about blacks and Hispanics.

The latter are less likely to have grown up with responsible fathers. Increasingly, neither they nor their sisters have seen very many males who aren't pimps or prisoners. They've been raised by mothers who've had to be fathers as well--and are collapsing under the weight of being dad as well as mom.

These often lonely and frustrated women feel they must settle for whatever they can get from the men they encounter. They're resigned to a life of Wendys to the Peter Pans in their lives.

Because they see little future for sons who often die violently in adolescence or young adulthood, they invest in their daughters. They're more attractive in the job market.

Hire a black woman and you get a diversity "twofer". They've also been encouraged to see hard work as rewarding, no matter how menial it might be. Young men have been taught that hard work in menial jobs is "uncool." What employer, no matter unreliable him/herself, wants unreliable employees?

As a result, daughters get the time, money, and attention, nurturing and encouragement to achieve higher education and career goals. This is reenforced by a growing service sector job base that values female over male skills and mindsets.

Truly, in the ghetto, "a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle". The result is another generation of alienated, marginalized boys and young men.

The outward signs of glorifying "bling", gangsta rap, pointlessly violent video games, drugs, and guns are symptoms. The cause is a culture which tells them that because they're men, they're useless for anything besides sperm donation.

Yes, it's disappointing, even infuriating that if Nick goes to James Madison, he won't be able to do track and possibly get a scholarship. But he has two smart, educated, concerned, conscientious parents. Surely, you and your husband will move heaven and earth to find a college that will fit athletically as well as academically.

Who's watching out for minority boys who lack this?

If girls and young women have achieved greater educational, career, and athletic sucess, it's because womens' mentoring organizations have served as watchdogs.

The AAUW, in its famous 90s study, carefully monitored how much attention and validation teachers gave girls. These articulate women pressured school districts to revamp their cirriculum and teaching methods. As a result, girls have achieved far beyond anything they, or their mothers, expected.

Previously, NOW did the same in, frex, promoting Title IX. Why aren't men's organizations pressuring the feds to drop this?

Where are are the Boy Scouts, Boys Clubs, Best Men, etc.? Where are the churches? Even more crucial, why isn't anyone composing raps on the importance of hitting the books as well as the basketballs?

As to college sports themselves, where are the alumni assns.? Didn't any of their male members do track, tennis, fencing, etc. in their day? Where are their scholarship funds?

True, football and basketball, (genders) bring bigger gate receipts, greater prestige, and thereby more revenue to the college. However, that's no excuse for those in other sports be be silent. How many of these men wouldn't have gone to college had there not been scholarship for these admittedly second tier sports?

It's as much a matter of organizational pressure as anything else.

Men in all walks of life need to shape up and make themselves heard and known. As NOW has often so famously said, we can't afford to waste the talents of half the human race.

And no woman can effectively do this for them.

Good morning Rebecca,

I wanted to thank you for your well written article on the above subject. As you may have guessed, I am a white male & certainly agree discrimination & preferential treatment in any form is wrong. Our country was built on the principle of “equal” treatment for everyone & I wholeheartedly agree.

I recall my first year in high school in 1978 … my friends & I attended freshman initiation which entailed hours of abuse at the hands of seniors. No one was physical hurt but we were denigrated & had just about every known substance to mankind poured over our heads & bodies. I remember washing my hair 10 – 15 times when I went home to get everything out. While all this was happening, several of the freshman commented that they couldn’t wait until they were seniors so they could get their revenge on the freshman class. I never understood this because my first thought was I would never put anybody through the abuse we were receiving because I know how much I hated it at the time – the “Do unto others & you would have done to you” philosophy.

I believe this same philosophy applies here & that is what I’ve always tried to follow in life. There is no doubt that women & minorities have been discriminated in the past but the way to fix that is to do our best to try and eliminate that discrimination & “not” replace it with discrimination against white males as a form of retribution. As you said in your article, your son (and many others like him) are currently being discriminated against for things which they had no part of in the past & this is certainly not helpful to any of us.

By the way, when I became a senior in high school in 1981, I stayed true to my word & never touched even a hair on the head of any freshman.

Hi Rebecca,

I just read your column on World Net Daily tonight about the PC "dissing" of white guys and constantly portraying them as idiots. I absolutely couldn't agree more.

I'm 53 years old and as WASP as they come - Scottish on my Dad's side and German on my Mom's. I've watched this stuff go on my entire life. The double standard that exists between the races, the sexes and even the gender orientations in our society is so huge and blatant, I don't have words to describe it anymore. Blacks, women and gays can say whatever they want in the public forum and not only will they get a pass, they'll start a bandwagon rolling. But let a white guy say something about anything and they're racist, sexist, homophobic or just plain stupid - even if they are simply re-stating the obvious. Just ask Jimmy the Greek or Rush Limbaugh.

I've often thought that if an alien race circled our planet gathering intelligence by vacuuming up our media, they would rapidly come to the conclusion that the pale- skinned carbon-based life forms called Dad are all from the shallow end of the gene pool and would not be the ones to make first contact with. Not only are they stupid and lazy, but they are universally derided and nobody takes them seriously about anything, even though they appear to do most of the work necessary to sustain life on the planet. Not only that, they're slow and they can't jump.

For my part in all this, I'm a retired Marine officer turned middle school math teacher. In my view, my most important task as a teacher is to model successful, responsible adult male behavior beause my students see so damn little of it. I've been pretty successful at re-orienting my little corner of the world, but I fear it's a symbolic gesture. These attitudes are thoroughly entrenched in our culture. By the time our young people reach adulthood, they have been thoroughly PC indocrinated. It's going to get worse before it gets better - if in fact it ever does.

I read your columns on a regular basis. Keep up the good work.

Hi Rebecca:

I am a right-wing, Christian, 54 year old, white male. Personally, I'm tired of the attacks on guys like me. I love my family (married 32 years), I work hard, I love my Country, and I try to live by the golden rule. Why am I and the legend of guys like me so bad? I watch Foxnews channel exclusively for my news. I wish the network would stop giving a forum to self-proclaimed apologists for all blacks such as J jackson and A. sharpton and the racist attorney Michelle Malkin interviewed on O'Reilly Thursday night. I feel as though the nation has forsaken the white male for a PC culture of apology for the "crackers" who help make this country a great place to live.

I couldn't agree more with what you have said about the way fathers are portrayed on television. I can remember as a teenager being offended at the show Home Imporvement and the way Tim Allen was portrayed as an idiot, and no one told me to be upset- it was just my own gut reaction to laughing at an entire population.

We have been discussing this issue in our marriage study at church, and how this permissive attack on men has created a great many of the problems in marriages, especially when it comes to the topic of submission. The media paints a picture of a man who is selfish, crude, stupid, and hopeless, and then a woman hears that she is to submitt to him and the world roars in response! I am not shocked, but somewhat dismayed, at the number of women who are completely steeped in this tradition and who show very little desire to change even though I have taught right from the Bible about respecting all people, submitting to husbands, and pleasing God through our servant position. I believe that plays into what you touched on as far as the other group it is OK to bash- conservative Christians. Sadly, many of the men do not want to change it, either, because they do not believe it is possible, or because it will be too hard.

I also see that in couseling, many men are afraid to take the headship of the family because they know how they have been set up by the world and that there will always be somene ready to knock him down for it.

Thank you. American society's institutionalized antipathy towards MEN in general and WHITE MALES in particular will not change until reasonable, moderate and conservative women end their silent indifference, converge and overtly counter the perfidy commited by the forces of Female Chauvinism: NOW, NARAL & other members of the "Female-Entitlement Industrial Complex."

Will that happen? Not likely because it will require most women to stop functioning as single cells in a group organism called the "Female Human." Too many American women are not only indifferent, but are quite amiable if not altogether amicable to the current "men=bad/women=good" status quo WRT all the implied benefits: Affirmative action/quotas, Divorce Industrial Complex, Welfare Industrial Complex, etc. They are not likely inclined to recind their privileged status. You are naive if you think that the Female-chauvinists won't continue to fight tooth & nail IOT maintain said status quo.

Hi!. You’ve really hit the nail on the head. This is not a good time to be growing up male. And you may not realize it, but men will not speak up for themselves on this issue. They perceive it as being unchivalrous. This is why your comments have touched a nerve.


I am so glad to see someone finally putting this in print. I become so enraged watching certain commercials that I vow I will never buy their product again-and I don’t!

I’m afraid though, that soon, I won’t be able to buy anything. Practically every commercial follows the same script. Stupid man can’t figure out how to work the fold down seat, so the brilliant wife has to do it. Stupid man catches himself on fire cooking on the grill, brilliant wife has to put it out. Stupid man runs out of gas on his motorcycle, brilliant wife has to rescue him. I think I see a pattern here!

And of course it doesn’t end with stupid men/brilliant women. The one commercial that really riles me up now, is a spot for a bank. A whole room full of white men are identified as bankers. They’re all out to get you, and they will steal your last penny. Who rides to the rescue? Of course, a young black man who has all the answers.

The sad fact is, I don’t see anything changing. America has become a place where minority rules. Not just minority, but the minority that screams the loudest. In a town of 100,000 people, if one person objects to a nativity scene, there feelings outweigh the other 99,999. The same will hold true in TV. Because white men won’t rise up in massive protests, the stereotype will remain. If it ever changes, if a commercial suddenly shows a woman needing a man’s help, or a black person doing something stupid, you know there would be instant and deafening outrage.

I wish things would change, but color me skeptical.

Thank you for at least bringing it to light.

I've looked for yrs. someone who'd point this out. Every male on the commercial is ALWAYS 40ish, overweight, balding and a dolt. The white wife and her female black neighbor berate him. He picks up a hot steak from the barbecue w/ bare fingers. He wrestles a sandwich from his dogs jaws and eats it. He makes love to his new tires.He has a tv duct taped to his riding lawnmower. Onn and onnn... The women are portrayed as unequivically superior. You should write a book on these ads ; every white male in the country would line up. Thanks for standing up for us morons .


Thank you for your article. I found it very refreshing to find someone in the media who see's what is going on against male's in this country.

I am a single parent with a daughter currently in her teens. It seems more and more that father's and men, in general, are always potrayed in a bad light. I try to show my daughter that men should be treated with respect and dignity, and how she should be treated the same way by other males.

Again thank you for your article.

Wow! Rebecca, you have nailed it whether the PC police accept it or not. This mockery of the white males on TV came to me back in '89, and yeah, I resent it as I'm obviously of that persuasion. Soon after, some of us started to challenge these images in search of at least some middle ground, and then I noticed that the media and the herd (public) began to label us the "Angry White Males," again, taking on an attitude of "what's the big deal." I am an AWM, and I'm not putting up with it, but it seems that lots of folks with our values need to get off their collective behinds and speak up-there are so many good people that just accept things as "the way it is." I'm telling you, if I see the "two reverends" on camera one more time saying nothing of substance, and not challenged for their predujideces, I'm gonna scream. Thank God for people like you who have a spine.

Dear Rebecca

Thank you for your thoughtful article on how men are portrayed in the "entertainment" media. As a pastor it bothers me to see men so degraded that all too many of our teen boys begin to act like what they see on TV, in movies and hear on radio, CD's and read, if they know how, in magazines. The putting down of men is further tearing our churches apart as men are, all too often, not listened to by the "ladies" of the churches. Why? Because they are stupid and not capable of making sound decisions. Is it any wonder that radical feminism is doing so much to tear apart families and society and destroy the Biblical order of authority. As a retired Air Force NCO I see this also taking place in the military. Women are being pushed in to combat rolls that they are not physically, and probably emotionally, capable of handling. All in the name of "equality". Thank you for your always thoughtful insights.

May God give your family and your son wisdom concerning his higher education.

Right on Rebecca!

The free-speech police either don't understand the difference between a free communications market and the use of government coercion to control speech, or they ignore that difference to pursue their political agendas. While I totally disagree with Imus' pandering to the baser instincts of a small segment of the population, I support his Constitutional freedom to speak. I also support the freedom of network management to take him off the microphone, whatever their reasons, as long as they were not coerced by the government.

I've been watching the trend of degradation of freedom (and writing my legislators and newspaper editors about it) since the early '60s. The "free love" movement, at its base a philosophy condoning actions of all kinds, without personal responsibility for the effects thereof, has become accepted as mainstream, and now permeates every of facet of life in the US. I trace its roots to the Socialist opinions of Tom Hayden (the one-time spouse of Hanoi Jane), who was Editor of the Michigan Daily newspaper while I was earning a degree in Engineering at the "Liberal Bastion of the Midwest". The failure of Socialism as a basis for civil organization became undeniable with the fall of the USSR, but the Socialists in our midst did not learn from it. They simply changed strategies. Abuse of the Judicial branch of government has forced upon us almost endless losses of freedom, Title IX and the disaster of our out-of-local-control public schools being only two. Countless others have been perpetrated by our legislators, e.g. McCain-Feingold.

The Internet has brought (inexpensive) freedom of communication to most of us masses. As with every powerful communications medium, it enables the basest as well as the best of human thought to be heard. I remain hopeful, for the sake of my grandchildren, that the social pendulum has started moving back toward freedom, based on rational self-responsibility. It will certainly take decades of careful deliberation and action by rational Citizens who reject the false guilt-trips of the racial panderers to roll back the PC nanny state, and regain our lost freedoms. The power-hungry on all sides aisle will not be easy to defeat.

Your article about the disrespect and deliberate destruction of the straight, white male in this country has really hit a nerve with me.

I am a mother of a young adult white male and I am constantly outraged with our t.v. images of white males. I say white males because the black male and alas all black people have been raised to the level of gods in this society. Fine, make them gods, but stop destroying our white males.

The commercials and sitcoms on t.v. do nothing positive for white males. They are portrayed as ignorant, lazy, selfish, dolts who are always the butt of the jokes. Or, they're small, weak, and without a clue, being instructed and aided by the Magical Negro we have constructed in this country. The Magical Negro assists and patiently explains to the ignorant, knuckle dragging white man. This is daily. This is on mainstream media. I hate it. I watch as little t.v. as possible and never watch the nightly news anymore.

My husband and my son are both intelligent, kind, educated, moral human beings who have contributed more than their share to society. Down with the feminists, the race baiters and the liberals who are trying to destroy these men. These are the same people who are attempting to eliminate the Christians, but that's another story and also something that could bring a person to stroke level. Our country is going rotten so quickly it's shocking.

Thanks for a place to vent. My headache is almost gone. LOL

Thanks for your article, Rebecca. But its too little too late. You are correct in everything you said, but unless women as a group speak out nothing will be done. I am glad I am nearing the end of my life. I hate to see what is going to happen to this country with the feminisation of our society and the degradation of our sons. My sons are unable to obtain any scholarships for college. Even merit scholorships are targeting women and monorities. So they have had no choice but to run up huge school loan balances and saddle themselves with debt before they can even begin a career. I am sorry to say that I dont have much respect for the female of our species anymore with a few exceptions. Good luck.

My father - at the age of 74, just before he died - lamented the fact that oru society was getting away from civility. He said to me, "Civility is the thread that hods our society together." I do not know if he was quoting someone but I have thought a lot about that lately.

One of the things that bothers me about our generation(s) is that we now use curse words in front of our children. They are inundated with it enough through the FM radio and the movies they watch. If we do not set th example in our homes, how can we expect them to be civil in their dealings with society?


FYI: these are my personal views and not the views of my employer.

Thanks for the article "Imus, white males and PC discrimination" I read in WorldNet Daily.com. I have felt the harm done to white men and boys, as expressed in your article for many years.

Item of note: One vehicle of male bashing that has dominated college campuses for many years is the notorious "one-in-four college females have suffered from sexual assault." As an analyst, I know well how this statistic, the results of research targeted against men, has been twisted into an male bashing icon. Many campuses even have organizations named something like "One-in-four" which offer men the opportunity to shed themselves of treating women like objects. While such opportunities have value, the statistic does not. College campuses should be challenged to bring speakers that can shed light on exactly why this statistic is degrading to men and women alike.

Dear Rebecca:

Thank you for your thoughts on reverse discrimination of white males. I will add to that discrimination ... White people in general, and people in the middle class.

I, too, have been searching for scholarships ... And my daughter does not seem to qualify for anything because we make too much money (we are middle class), she's white, or she hasn't done enough community service.

Never mind that she is in the top 10% of her class ranking, has taken the Distinguished Academic Program (including mind bogglingly difficult AP courses which have burnt her out), and is a regular church goer, plays sports, and is a great kid.

I am flabbergasted that simple academic achievement is not rewarded ... (unless, of course, you are brilliant enough to become a National Merit Finalist).

I am also tired of black racism. Yes ... Black racism ... Or a better term, perhaps, is reverse racism (which I wish the term would catch on). Every time blacks get up in arms about one stupid statement (such as Imus'), and ignore their own rappers who degrade their race everyday ... And point the finger at whites because SOME of our ancestor's were slave holders and held them back ... I want to spit. They have a victim's mentality, and blame US for what others have done to them .... Further dividing the races themselves, because those of us who have never been racist at all are being clumped into a group of white racists ... And we are sick of it.

Why is it they forget that THOUSANDS of whites ALWAYS despised racism, and fought valiently against slavery both before, during and after the civil war? If good whites existed then, why on earth do they not exist now?

Did you know that the Democratic party was the PRO slavery party before, during and after the Civil War, and formed the Ku Klux Klan? Republicans were formed as the ANTI-slavery party, and their platform since the mid 1800's till now shows this clearly, as does the Democratic platform's hatred of blacks.

And therein lies another injustice to white conservatives who never had anything against blacks ... They were and are not the anti-black group, but they are portrayed as such today. It sickens me.

See the website "justiceatthegate.org" for the two parties' platforms from the mid 1850's till now ... Or read David Barton's book "America's History in Black and White" from his website "wallbuilders.com". This book shares the REAL truth about conservative Republicans vs. Democrats who despised blacks.

I am tired of reverse discrimination and reverse racism.

Thanks for your article ... It was right on.

I read your article that you posted on the townhall.com website and I wanted to write to tell you I absolutely agree with you. I am a 22 year old white male and growing up with conservative Christian values seemed to only make me a larger target. Not to lessen what was said to the Rutgers women's team but I grew up being called far worse than a nappy headed ho and by people who knew me much better than only seeing me on TV. All through my 4 years of college I never had a class which I felt I could speak openly about my beliefs and not be criticized and put down for it. I absolutely agree with your assessment with the way males are portrayed on TV as well. It seems it is perfectly okay to attack males, especially white males, in whatever ways people want and no one even notices. All the while, everyone is going out of their way to protect 'minorities' and making sure that no one hurts their self-esteem. Thanks for speaking the truth and I hope that we can get some people to listen!

Dear Rebecca:

I am a mother of two young (20's) Anglo-Saxon men. It breaks my heart to see what the media has done to our father figures on TV programs, movies, literature and in our music. The disrespect in society seems to be out of control.

You are absolutely correct when you state there are no scholarships for white males. There aren't, we have also tried to find them.

Wait until they have to compete for a job in corporate America. Even if he graduates with a 4.0, worked while going to school, participated in community or collegiate extra-curricular activities all the while maintaining that 4.0, he is not guaranteed a job. If there are quotas to meet, it will not matter. When will we be able to hire the best, whatever sex or race they may be?

I could write forever on the sex abuse laws on the books. The Duke University case is an excellent example of how our young men are judged as guilty before facts are heard. This is happening much more than people realize. Granted there are sexual predators and there are rapists but the pendulum has swung way to far in the "throw them all in jail forever" direction. I fear for our young men today and in the future.

Hi Rebecca,

I just finished reading your article about Imus and the "PC" attack against males in today's society. It was great.

I am coming at it from a slightly different angle. I am the mother of three GIRLS. My oldest is 18, followed by 16 and 12. They are bright, beautiful young women who plan on attending college and, guess what...hopefully getting married and raising a family! It takes a GREAT GUY to complete that picture, and I feel society is doing nothing to encourage boys to grow up to be the men God has called them to be: loving, loyal, a great provider and the spiritual head of their home.

My girls have a singing group called "Beyond the Veil" (www.beyondaveil.com). It is more of a family ministry. My oldest daughter writes the music and I write the lyrics to most of the songs. We are often referred to as a "chick band", since my daughters are the only members and my middle daughter, Miriah, plays the drums and Brittany leads the female-fronted vocals. We have a lot of music that deals with issues facing todays youth and society in general--abortion, abstinence, identity, love, relationships, etc. However, one song in particular seems to strike a chord with our audience. We have a song called, "Be Strong" that we intentionally direct to the men/boys in our audience. We talk about that, even though we are a chick band, we realize that God has called men to be the leaders of our households, the strength of our families and examples to our children. The song basically is a prayer that God will give them strength.

After the concert, we have had so many guys come up and thank us for recognizing them! They say they hear a lot of Christian songs directed to girls and their issues, but not too many for the guys. We feel that we have really touched upon a needed point of ministry by including this song in our set.

All this to say, despite the fact that I have no son that is discriminated against by the media, I do have an incredible husband and, somewhere out there, future son-in-laws--which will be the fathers to my grandchildren--who are. Thank you for raising the bar and keeping the standard high for those who strive everyday to reach it by being Godly, deserving men.

I've been an advocate for men's rights for seven years. Currently I'm a contributor at the Dean's World blog, though in the past I had my own blog, the DesertLight Journal, have appeared on small local radio programs, and in 2005 spoke at Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum council.

My primary focus has been domestic violence. Since the Violence Against Women Act was passed in 1994, it defined in practice all cases of intimate partner abuse as being physical crimes by a man against a woman, and funding (with tax dollars) programs that promote this idea; leaving the overwhelming majority of people in need of help without any access to aid.

For decades, the radical feminist lobby has been allowed to disseminate fabricated "statistics" regarding domestic violence while blatantly using their various forums to promote fear and anti-male attitudes. Pick up a brochure from any women's shelter, in any part of the country, and more likely than not, you will see a list of pure nonsense being being fed to the public by people who have styled themselves as "experts." If they are to be believed, men and only men, are responsible for all domestic violence. Their "solution" is divorce for women, and jail for men. Children are "re-educated" through these programs to accept that they are potential abusers, if they are boys, and victims, if they are girls.

The truth is that very little is known about intimate partner abuse, due to the feminist lobby that has virtually eliminated any objective study. This has begun to change, albeit slowly, but in most places I still find women's shelters deliberately misrepresenting their programs in order to seem that they are of help to the general public. In fact, the services they provide have not changed in 30 years, and they are of limited benefit to even the restricted clientele allowed access to services. Only unemployed women without male children over the age of 12 are served by these programs. In some places, even women who meet all the criteria, but have college degrees are discouraged from seeking aid. Women with disabilities are likewise discouraged, which leaves very few people that can/will be provided with aid.

Meanwhile, there is no objectively supportable evidence that anyone has gone to live a life free of abuse due to participation in any of the programs.

At the bottom of all this is a deep, abiding hatred for men and boys, and the desire to elevate women, while relieving them of taking any responsibility for their own lives. Far too often, it is about manipulating women who happen to be in a vulnerable state and turning them into radical feminists themselves.

I've recently been appointed as a Volunteer Coordinator for The Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women, the only national organization to provide practical help for men, and the growing number of women who are refused help by established agencies. Based in Maine, DAHMW has been refused membership in their state's Coalition against domestic violence, simply on the grounds that they serve men. Other organizations that attempt to help unserved victims have had similar difficulties in other regions of the country. The domestic abuse "establishment," (for want of a better term), has made it abundantly clear that they do not want to help men, and will do everything in their power to see that men cannot and will not be helped.

I could go on for a long time about the clear anti-male discrimination extant in these programs, but I think you'll probably have plenty of e-mail to get through, and recognize that your time is limited.

Please feel free to e-mail or phone should you have further questions.


I read your article on Townhall.com about Imus, Males and "PC". I am one of the thousands of WOMEN who agree with you that guys have had a bad rap. I am a firm believer that there is a difference between men and women (not just a physical difference). Unfortunately, our society has tried to make itself "sex blind" like it is trying to become "color blind". I know that there are a number of guys who have been denied a fair shake because they were male. Guys who do not discriminate against females, but rather understand that the genders should be equal in rights but are not the same.

I am currently dating a man who retired from the Navy after giving 20 years of his life to protect our freedoms. When he decided to go back to school, he looked at the different scholarships that were available. And you are correct, there is no such thing as a "white, heterosexual, conservative Christian, male" scholarship. And I know that if there WERE one, the leaders of other groups (ie, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson) would be calling it racist.

Our society has dictated that guys should be guys when the WOMEN want them to be. We have been emasculating them for years, telling them to get in touch with their feelings, to find non-physical outlets for thier agression (ie, no more sports or beating up their guy friends), require them to be responsible for everything that goes wrong (whether they had anything to do with it or not), require them to sacrifice jobs and other things so that WOMEN can have a "fair chance".

I work in a male dominated profession (computer technology) and have seen my share of discrimination from the guys. But I have found more acceptance with the guys I work with than from a lot of the females. The guys judge my work and because I can do the job as well or better than them, they accept me. I have heard from female customers and other women that it is "good that women are being represented". I am not a woman tech support agent, I am a tech support agent who just happens to be female. And I got the job on my merit, not my gender. The guys get that.

I believe that our society is going downhill. A lot of that has to do with what we as a country have done to our guys. We emasculate them, we take away their GOD GIVEN responsibilities, and we tell them that they are the same as women. No wonder so many guys have a crisis of sexual identity. What difference does it make who you "love" if men and women are just interchangable parts?

As I said, I am dating a great guy. He holds doors open for me and for any woman who crosses his path. He treats me like a lady. When we are walking back to his car at night, he keeps an extra eye out for trouble. He protects me and has on several occasions defended me. He doesn't do this because he believes I'm weak or can't defend myself. He does it because it is the right thing to do, the gentleman thing to do. And when push comes to shove, I would rather him err on the side of being "such a guy" (as I've told him several times he was being) than for him to be PC and give in to the current "feminist" movement.

Let our boys go and do "dangerous stuff". Bring the "dad" back into the equation. Little boys AND grown men need their male role models. And don't punish the guys for wanting to be guys. As my sister advised me, "you can take away all the toy guns from the little boys and they will make more out of their breakfast toast or a stick in the yard". God bless the guys.

I fully endorse your column today in Townhall.com, with the single reservation that you segregated (conservative Christians) in parentheses as seemingly a suborder of "white Males". White males certainly need liberation from their PC status of "idiots who do nothing but drink beer, ogle women and scratch themselves," but conservative Christians are regarded not only as idiots, but as bomb-throwing terrorists and aspiring "theocrats" -- more dangerous than Osama bin Ladin, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the forces of Hizbollah, Hamas, and al-Quaeda combined.


My guess is your email is overflowing regarding your recent comments. Therefore I will make my comments brief. I am a divorced Canadian Father of two great boys and a recent joiner of the men's/fathers rights activism movement here.

I am deeply gratified to know that there are women who see the current insanity for what it is and are willing to risk the wrath of others to expose it.

Thank you

I'm a sixty year old white male.

I agree with all you've said. The last ten or fifteen years, the 'adult white male discrimination' has gone from bad to worse. I hope I live to see the day when the pendulum swings back the other way. I doubt that any of us white males between 13 and 83 would openly fight against the bias and discrimination so liberally deposited on us. I think many of us just shrug it off and go on our way. I do know that we never talk about it.

The bad side of all this is that each succeeding generation will take a more negative biased view of our group. And worse, ...that group is represented by their grandfathers, fathers …their mentors. All of this is not good for the future of our society.

Regarding your article, I have thought for a long time that white men and boys are discriminated against. Why we allow it is another thing I do not understand. Maybe, a boycott should be organized against the stations and the sponsors of these shows, and things would change. Obviously that is what brought down Imus. Also, laws that make colleges drop sports because of Title lX should be made more public. If more people got involved, maybe something could be done. It is a sad thing this political correctness. I think Women's Lib has ruined it for both women and men. Keep up the good work, and it is great that you are making these happenings know.

Thank you so much for your column exposing the derogatory image portrayed in the media of (white) males today.

Below are two links to fables I wrote in defense of manhood while arguing with a group of feminists on a message board some years ago. They describe how I view the assault on manhood, and the confusion regarding the value of women's roles in society. Hope you find something useful in them.



They are called "The Watchman" and "The Baker". I'm currently (after many years hiatus) writing a more complete story in this vein, in which I hope to burst a lot of feminist preconceptions, "The Return of the Watchman".


you are right on the money. I am a 65 year old, white male, retired from a 34 year Navy career. Concerns you raise can be seen in action today in our armed forces. From my own personnel and recent experience, the sociatal effects of this phonomenem are most in evidence in the church I attend. Moving a lot, as I did while on active duty, my current church is reflective of most. Our society has become feminized, and the male attributes are discouraged. In my humble opinion, the Bible gives us a portrait of God's intention. The husband/father must first be in vertical allignment with God The Father (and in my belief that includes Jesus Christ, the Son in the Godhead). If he is in vertical allignment, his wife and children will be vertically in linement with him. That premise is difficult to accept today in our society. It means 'subservient' to most, and it isn't at all. A balanced male has very little difficulty in accepting guidance in those areas of marriage where his wife has gifts that he does not. In this balance, his wife is unemcumbered from trying to embrace those attributes of her husband's maleness. Children of both sexes see this pattern and are better for it. I heard a Gary Smalley tape years ago where he said that "all problems within a marriage are the husband's fault". Largely I agree with him, and believe we men need to be, above all else, manly men. We are, after all, made in His image. And to put on the finishing touches, God then made woman - very feminine. Thanks for a very good article.


I’m glad I saw your story “Imus, white males and PC discrimination”. I had begun to think that maybe I was the only one who noticed this or that I was just being paranoid. For years I have tried to get others to see the attack white males receive on a daily basis. We all know the TV commercials would be blasted and quickly taken off the air if they portrayed black men or women in the degenerating light they portray white men in. I just can’t figure why we can’t find anyone to champion our cause and speak up for us. Where are our Al Sharpton and/or Jesse Jackson white defenders? We need to organize. Another thing your sons will face (once in the work force) is losing jobs due to quotas which require companies to hire women or minorities. They will also not be able to get an easy non-completive business start in the SBA 8A program. If they start a business they will have to do it the hard way (on their own). Maybe your sons can start a college organization called “Positive Response for White Males”. I’d bet the farm that as soon as it was started someone would protest it saying it was racial, sexist, too discriminating or too controversial for the campus. Black Beauty Pageant and Black Music Awards??????

As to the Imus story, I don’t like what he said but if the roles were reversed do you honestly think a black man would have caught as much flack and been fired? I seem to remember Al and Jesse making several statements about the white Duke team members accused of rape yet now they are cleared I haven’t heard anybody asking for them to make a public apology. Where are Al and Jesse when a rapper comes out with the N word or negative language? Where are Al and Jesse when a black comedian gets on stage and repeatedly says the N word? Where are Al and Jesse when a TV show shows blacks using the N word? Someone once said “we live in the land of the offended”. I would be comfortable if everyone was made ill of but some are not.

Once again thanks for the story.

Ms Hagelin,

I concur with your assessment and as a 57-year-old White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant, Hetero-Sexual, Middle-Aged, College-Educated, Male Professsional -- or if you wish WASPHSMACEMP's -- I have contended for the past 20 years that it has been open season on such as us, the WASPHSMACEMPs, and there was nothing we could do about it. I have been the victim of both racial and sexual discrimination during that period and have pretty much accepted it as my lot ... that I belong to a distinctly American minority group that probably is the most discriminated against in today current atmosphere of "political correctness" and because of past sins (original sin?) we are paying for the perceived transgressions of generations past. It may not matter that this latest generation of WASPHSMACEMPs may be the most enlightened in that it has learned to accept individuals and individuals -- regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation -- and to look on them basically as equals, we still must pay, and pay, and pay, and pay for our legacy of the dead white men who founded the United States and then played leading roles in the nation since that founding nearly 230 years ago and the establishment of the current democratic Republic, some 220 years ago. Ours is to endure and persevere, for we love this nation and accept all 300 million residents -- including the 25 million illegal aliens.

Dear Rebecca,

God bless you for speaking out about the trashing of the white male in our society. You are right on about the devastating influence of feminism in America. I am a 62 year old white male, and have seen this happening for over 30 years, especially since Roe v. Wade gave women the legal right to kill their unborn babies. Our radical Democrat controlled house and senate are now pushing to pass the ERA amendment and the hate crimes bill, both of which would contribute greatly to the further corruption of America. I suppose the thing that bothers me most is that Christians, Jews and all moral-thinking citizens of America are not fighting with all their might to save America from these abominations. These corrupt bills are not only for white male bashing, they are pro-homosexual, pro-feminist and anti-Christian.

I haven’t read you book yet, but I am going to buy it right away. God bless you in your writing and other efforts to help stem the tide of cultural corruption in America. God save America!


Thank you for taking up for the white male, young and old. Because we don't want to sound like whiners, I think most of the "white male" population is just willing to keep our mouths shut and move on. We know we are a target, and an easy one most of the time. I have, in the past, been told not to bother spending time to apply for jobs because I wasn't going to be considered. Can you guess why? I didn't really have much to say about the comment, and at the time I was thankful to the person for telling me, so I didn't waste time applying for a job I had no chance of getting. Now that I write that, I am amazed at how that sounds. Pretty racists. I am sure minority groups have heard the "Don't bother to apply" message too and that is why I just shrugged it off and pursued other employee opportunities. I guess I am blessed because other opportunities were open to me. This issue is a double edged sword for the white male. He can't complain about what is being said about him because what WAS done to others was so much worse and if he doesn't complain it will continue to grow because the white male is the only acceptable target.

I can't tell you how having a target on my chest and back makes me feel. I don't understand why I am being punished for someone else's actions from a long time ago. I am not and would not consider closing any door to anyone that is qualified.

I will tell you what I tell the young minority employees and interns when they come to work for us. It doesn't matter how you got through the door. Whether it was a program designed to help you or you did it on your own. What matters is what you do on the other side of the door. You can work hard, produce and disprove all the stereotypes that were used against you OR you can be lazy, not produce to the level required and PROVE all the stereotypes. Your choice.

This message goes for anyone in the workforce and I will be teaching it to my son, but for minorities, it means so much more. If my son, a white male, doesn't produce and gets fired, no one is going to say he let his race down, he will just be another lazy person that couldn't hack it. When I minority doesn't produce, he can at times set the stage for the bigots to play their tune. That is also why I think I was able to shrug off the "Don't bother to apply" statement.

I know this is sort of a two sided e-mail, so please understand that I appreciate your speaking out, because most of us feel we can't. We just have to be men and take it.

Hi Rebecca,

thanks for your thoughtful and thorough article on how white men and boys are totally degraded these days, especially in the media. I am a 41 year old father of 3 boys and one daughter. I work very long days to provide for my family, I serve in my church and at the kids' schools, I love my wife and no other women, and I love the Lord Jesus Christ. I HATE the modern view of men as lazy, sex driven, beer drinking slobs with no minds. I push my mind to the limit in my work and in my private life. Thank you for your honesty, especially from a woman's viewpoint, on how outrageous and hypocritical today's media is, and how the modern white boy is very discriminated against. Keep up your good work,

Out of all your points, I can only argue with one. The negative portrayal of white males in TV commercials is not due to PC discrimination. It is simply market driven.

Since females do most of the shopping and have throughout our history, its only natural that producers would try to entertain their loyal demographic by degrading their significant others. Both genders like to think themselves superior to the other and when a producer obliges one by showing the other to be inferior, those producers are rewarded in their bottom lines.

This phenomena is not new to the out-of-control PC era. In this regrad, commercials now are no different than in the 50's and 60's before PC gone wild.

Loved it, loved it, loved it!!! Well said, keep it up!


I'm a 32 year old white male. I was raised in a good Christian home with 4 brothers and 2 sisters (yep, 7 kids). My mother was a stay at home mom, my father provided for us; sometimes poorly, sometimes well. In reading your article I had an interesting thought, an interesting memory. My father, who died about 2 years ago, used to constantly rant about the "stupid sitcoms" on TV. He was frustrated with them and was not a fan of his children watching them. About a year before he died, I asked him about his dislike for the sitcoms on television. He told me he didn't want us to watch the shows because they gave us nothing but bad examples to observe and follow.

I think this is especially true of the sitcom version of men. On TV, men are greedy, controlling, stupid, insensitive, unobservant, and ignorant. A perfect example of the portrayal of the "sitcom man" is found in the "Simpson's." The character Homer Simpson is the stereotype of the American Male. His son Bart is the stereotype of the American Teenage Male. Together they are probably two of the most embarrassing exports of this country.

I believe people are forgetting certain things. Sure white men enslaved black men and women but they also died to free them. White men did not allow women suffrage for a substantial period of time but when suffrage was granted it wasn't granted because of a great revolution by the women forcing it to be, it was granted by a voluntary relinquishment of control by white men. In fact, if you look at the great ills in the history of this country, you will always see that a white man or a body of white men were the involved in rectifying that ill. I'm not trying to say that white men are better than other types of people. I'm just trying to remind people that they are not the punch-line they are made out to be. I'm not trying to say that white men are smarter than other groups but we should be given our due as a group. The men who wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were white, Christian men. That is a heritage to be proud of.

At some point in the past we decided to sacrifice manhood to the gods of political correctness. When is this going to stop? No good can come of it. At some point the barrage of anti-male propaganda will result in men acting how they are portrayed. In fact, I believe this is increasingly occurring.

Dear Rebecca,

Thank you so much for expressing the thoughts i've had for years now. If it wern't for the white male, where would the world be now and especially the US. Many men feel degraded by our media and society but we just take it "quietly" and it continues to happen because of this fact. Have you ever seen the statistics of bias against men in our family court system? The sad statistics are not too be believed.

You forgot to mention that football is the primary revenue generator for athletic departments!

Don't forget corporate affirmative action and diversity policies. Qualified white males are routinely passed over in the name of diversity. Only during downsizing do the guys get to go first.

When my youngest son in 1984 checked for grants and scholarships in Calif...only 10 out of 35 were for Caucasians. He later emigrated to Australia (he said, a more level playing field)..after.finishing college USA...started his own business there and became an Australian citizen ...salary in the six figures. He said his adopted country seems to be more like USA used to be. Not every immigrant has such glowing story. I do think amnesty for illegals is not fair...rewarding lawbreakers or as the Aussies call it "linejumpers."

Hello Rebecca,

I can honestly say that I thought I was the only one out here who had these thoughts. In 2001 I was laid off from a company (prior to 9-11) and went two years without permanent full-time work. In the search I would occasionally go through the local workforce center and always felt like I was barking up the wrong tree. In the past if I applied to work for the Post Office I discovered that the likelihood of me getting a job there was slim to none. I don’t want to sound bitter, because I am not, but I have often wondered why we put our race down when putting in applications anywhere. It almost looks like that will help someone fulfill a quota or something. The only quota that is not out there is one for white guys. I’m not a fan of the idea of quotas at all. Employment somewhere should not be based on any quota but on skill or aptitude for a particular position; not on what race you’re on. But in this search, I’ve always felt like the tide has turned on white males in our society. Someone’s idea of utopia has arrived and it is still broken. It is like there is a fear that if you put a white guy in charge, there’s going to be discrimination issues looming in the distance. So, why not discriminate against them so we can avoid that? Crazy!

I realize your article covers more than just the employment issue but man, if it is tough now, what will happen to our future generation of men if they see the same stuff on the horizon for themselves?

Thanks for writing that article. It hits the nail on the head.

Dear Ms. Hagelin:

I just finished reading your article captioned above, and I thoroughly agree with the article's premise. I have noticed for some time that television ads generally depict the male head-of-household (Am I allowed to use that term anymore?) as an incompetent, scatter-brained, childish boob deserving of no respect from other members of his family, including his children. In addition, I have noted that some of the most popular television sitcoms characterize the male head-of-household in the same fashion. Generally, it seems it is the woman of the house, or even the children, who are portrayed as the positive role models. Obviously, the days of "Father Knows Best" and "Leave It To Beaver" when both parents were depicted as positive role models are long-gone.

I attribute this stereotyping to the politically-correct movement and its precursors such as the Women's Rights movement and even the Civil Rights movement. With the advent of the politically-correct movement, American society as we knew it has been turned completely on its head. The politically-correct movement has instilled in modern American society the idea that since white males were once "at the top of the foodchain" in America, it is time for them to be relegated to the bottom in order to get some "balance" into American society.

As you so masterfully stated in your article, today's white males are not only relegated to the bottom, they are even held back from competing on anywhere close to an equal basis. Young white males are constantly bombarded with degradations in order to make them feel that it is required of them to do penance by inhibiting their natural competitive desires. Masculinity is discouraged. In a sense, white males are being forced to "pay reparations" to all other members of American society for once being so bold as to consider themselves the "head-of-the house", or the "king-of-the-castle".

I am old enough to recall the frequent use of terms such as "the weaker sex", or "the lovely Miss such-and-such", or "your better half". Now terms such as those are denounced by the politically-correct as "sexist" and "belittling."

Because of political-correctness and its precursors, American society has been turned on its head, and that which only a relatively few years ago was considered obscene, disgraceful, perverted, or tasteless is now considered acceptable, or even vaunted. Along with this went the revision of social status. The Scriptures talk about how in the last days "that which is good will be called evil, and that which is evil will be called good", and this is where our society is at the present time. Judeo-Christian morals and time-tested codes are discarded, and debauchery and non-judgmentalism are the new rules by which society is expected to live.

Again, thank you so much for using your "bully pulpit" to defend traditional American values, and I enjoyed your article very much.


Great! I have made the observation re: sit coms and their depiction of men for over 20 years! Keep up the good work!

Excellent article on basically the destruction of the while male. I am not sure what purpose all this stuff is designed to accomplish. Making fathers, sons, brothers, uncles, and white males in general look stupid - in almost any situation - does not benefit society or the country. Keep up the good work - maybe we need a national organization made up of us dumb white males and go after anyone that treat us or shows us as being stupid.

Hi Rebecca,

I love reading your columns and heartily enjoyed your book. You consistently hit the mark as you did in your last column. Speaking as a male Christian conservative (in socialist Canada, no less), I find this stuff all the time. I have been married to a wonderful woman for 15 years, have 3 children (1 boy age 10 and 2 girls age 8 and 5). Both of us saved ourselves until marriage. I have been serving on the Board of Directors at my local pro-life office and was a founding board member of a maternity home.

My background is in Child and Youth work. For most of my career, this has involved working with the family through child protective services (for 16 years) and have developed and co-led parenting groups for families in conflict. As such, I am not surprisingly in the hotbed of liberal feminism as it is central to social work and social services. Consequently, I have had run ins with my feminist supervisor and uber-feminist Executive Director over issues from assumed prejudice, assumed lack of cultural sensitivity, and efforts to disallow me from posting literature in my own office regarding the harm derived from from adolescent abortion (which should be a concern of our agency). I also got a marginal evaluation which I challenged. In each case I successfully fought back. Sometime I may contact you with details.

I have some reservations, however, about shining the spotlight on the mistreatment of men. In my mind, legitimate issues of the past from black oppression to native American mistreatment and women's rights have all been overcompensated and have created problems they were supposed to fix. I used to be very reserved and quiet, but through attacks, I have focused on my faith and integrity and it has been this rather than complaining about my circumstances that has helped me out. One of the big problems with men is that they fail to act like men and show leadership. I know that being battering down can be difficult as is routinely being disrespected, but I feel the solution lies elsewhere. I think we all need to turn to God and look to build up one another, not focusing on our differences, but attempting to learn how to be in healthy relationship with one another again with an especial focus on character and the strengths each gender brings to bear.

Knowing there are wise and outspoken women like you and many others on the conservative circuit causes me to hope. Each day I check into Townhall and Lifesite (a Canadian pro-life website) with the Heritage Foundation, American Life League, Worldnet, Jewish World Review, NRO, and a slew of other sites in reserve to help keep me focused. My biggest regret is the dearth of such voices in Canada. Please keep up the good work, but please don't let us get classified as victims. As Christian males we have a hope and source of strength that no liberal athiest can draw from. It is them I pity.

really? while I am sorry that your son wont get to run track at the college of his choice, to claim that white males are the most discriminated against is laughable. I am sorry that your son isn't able to experience the priviledge of his choice, but actual minorities have been unable to get a fair shake for centuries. welcome to the club. since young white males have been lynched, paid less for the same job, had racial slurs yelled at them, been turned down for jobs, loans, schools,put in internment camps, and live in fear of race based violence,...oh wait, they haven't. they've got their sports cut. wow. my bad.

and the fact that you use an actual derogatory situation to plead your case is just pathetic. those women ACTUALLY have something to complain about.

please get over yourself.


Good catch on your part. I'm nearly 60, a white male married to the same woman for over 37 years, a former Naval Officer, former Senior Executive in the Dept. of Defense (NSA), and former Director of Worldwide Information Security for the world's largest health care company. I've written two stage plays and am currently working on a screenplay in my "retirement."

For many - like 20 or so - years I have clearly noticed the anti-straight-white-male bias on TV. A very recent example, the Kinko's commercial where a group of clueless white males are sitting around and realize that they have a presentation to be prepared by the next day. The principal white male groans a bit and announces that "it's gonna be an all-nighter" and gets up and starts drinking coffee from the coffees pitcher, dribbling it all over himself. Then, as the man is making a complete fool of himself, young miss junior executive delivers the shockingly brilliant insight that Kinko's can do the whole thing for their company, overnight, and even deliver the finished presentation to the client by the next morning. DUH! Where have "Father Knows Best," Ward Cleaver, Bat Masterson and Palladin gone.....? Even gentle souls like Art Linkletter and Captain Kangaroo (who was a bona fide war hero in real life WW-II) provided other role models. Roy Rodgers.

If gays, Hispanics, blacks, or women were as uniformly portrayed as dolts in such commercials we'd have Al Sharpton, Jesse J, Rosie, and the whole idiot and biased crowd calling for producers' heads. It's disgraceful and disgusting. No wonder everyone jumped on those Duke Lacrosse kids the way they did.

Very rarely I'll see some of the other side. Tonight, for example, my wife and I went to the opening screening at the Sarasota Film Festival. The film - "In the Shadow of the Moon" - is a FABLULOUS sort-of documentary on the Apollo program. It's really about the people, and especially the astronauts, and their Apollo and subsequent life experiences. The humor from Apollo 11 command module pilot was alone worth watching the thing twice. Anyway, in this film, as in Tom Hanks' "Apollo 13," the real white males I knew and worked with are accurately portrayed. At one point in my career I worked very directly with NASA on various aspect of development of the Space Transportation System (STS, better known as the "Space Shuttle"). I know these people.

If the cultural assault on masculinity generally, and white males more specifically, continues unabated and succeeds in turning our future men into a bunch of wimpy, whiney, feminized and timid souls, our country, and by extension the world, are going to pay an awful price.

Where's the outrage? I've been truly outraged about this for many years; but I was too busy defending the country, or building things, or solving problems, to take on a quixotic fight against people with dubious intellectual and moral values and scruples. So, like most serious white males, I just shrugged it all off, occasionally grumbled about it to my wife, and went on with doing seriously productive things.

Anyway, thanks for noticing a serious bias problem. As with so many issues in our upside-down world of today, white males aren't going to get anywhere reversing this. We're not about to boycott Kinko's over their outrageous ad. As with Nixon opening to China, it's going to take women, gays, blacks, and similar non-white-male folks who can even see the incredible bias, to do something about it.

Hi Rebecca,

Your article on the representation of males in our society was a complete 100% home run. Over a year ago I made a comment to my wife. I said that it would make an interesting study for a high school class to spend a weekend just watching television. They would keep a tally of every commercial they saw and rate it as "male as idiot" or "female as idiot". I think the numbers would be astounding. How many commercials do we see where the male stumbles around in a fog until his wife or some other woman helps him out. She explains to him which insurance to buy; where to buy a car or even where to go to buy his power tools. I would guess it is at least 80% where the woman sells the product by explaining it to the clueless man. Then there was my favorite one. The male is sitting in his recliner in his sweaty t-shirt and has been there for most of the day. The wife then comes home in her sharp business suit and as she comes in the door the man has to jump out of his recliner to finish the "assignments" that she had given him before she left. While I don't remember what that commercial was promoting, I very distinctly remember how the man and the woman were represented.

These examples are only the commercials. It doesn't even begin to address the normal TV programming. I remember an episode of I Love Lucy years ago where Ricky literally puts Lucy over his knee and spanks her like a child. I remember being disgusted and thinking how degrading that was. Well, Lucy may not know it but the turnaround is complete. Now we get to watch Everyone Loves Raymond and see him literally cower in fear of the two women in his life. One episode had Ray crawling into a corner as Deb was yelling in his face like a drunken sailor. Watch mom get angry and Ray's brother, a 6' 8" grown man, almost wets himself.

Our young boys are not being allowed to act like boys in the grade schools and they lose their interest in school. Then these "role models" are presented to them by our popular culture. Any man that does raise a normal healthy son in this mess should get the medal of honor.

Count another White/Christian/Husband/Father who has long noticed the portrayal of men by the media. Sure we have plenty of flaws, but because of the God-ordained role of the male, it would benefit women and children for men to be built up, not torn down for the sake of marketing and entertainment.

Thanks for your article, am considering ordering your book

Dear Rebecca:

A friend sent me a link to your article, I did not happen to see you on FOX unfortunately. You struck a nerve on several points, but I'll mention just two. First, the casting of white males as idiots in TV commercials as you mentioned. I'll use as an example the recent (now defunct) Fidelity ad, where there are 4 people in a waiting room: a white male, a little girl with her mother and a black woman. The man is playing with (literally) a two-year-old's game and jumps around like he just won the super bowl after "solving" it. The little girl and the black woman are shown with disgusted looks on their faces--the black woman with a condescending arrogance that is difficult to capture in words. As soon as I see commercials like this I get on the web and send a steamy email to the company. I fired one off to Fidelity asking them "just exactly whom in your commercial is your target audience? Who has all the money to invest with Fidelity? Is it the little girl? Or perhaps the elderly black woman?" among other things. I won't take credit for it, but I never saw the commercial after that.

The second example is University of New Hampshire men's baseball team. It is no more. My understanding was that UNH either provide a woman's baseball team under Title IX, or the men's team had to go. It's absurdity. Here's a link to a small piece from the Manchester Union Leader that mentions it... (http://www.unionleader.com/article.aspx?headline=The+spirit+of+Title+IX%3A+NCAA+must+say+no+to+new+rule&articleId;=2095d601-2e57-4afd-b542-a48e8a2d5f54) As you say, it is a shame for all of the young men who dreamed of playing on that excellent team--how many students did UNH lose because of that? And beyond that, what about all of the fans who used to enjoy attending the games? I rarely had time to watch one unless for a few minutes as I walked by the field so it's not about me--now the field is empty. Now the fans are gone too. And for what?

Our country is a shell of what it was just a few decades ago, and even the shell is eroding. If men say anything we are bigots of the worst kind. Thank you, good woman, for using the public forum you have. There are good men out there who appreciate it.

I've long held that the only thing white men are allowed to do is pay the bills, make things happen (Keep the trains running on time....) and......APOLIGIZE for not doing it well enough.

As an example, you hear the feminists state that women should have the choice whether to work or stay home and raise children. (Though everyone knows feminists don't REALLY think a stay at home mom is of equal station to her career woman counterpart). Implicit in this arguement is that the husband has no voice. If the woman chooses to work and he would prefer she raise their children instead of daycare, too bad; not his decision or choice. If he would prefer that she have a career to help with the financial burden, too bad; again, not his decision or choice. In essence, the man has an OBLIGATION to support his family (financially and otherwise), but the woman is free to define her role as she pleases. Whatever give HER (and her alone) the greatest pleasure.

Talk about a double standard

Your article hit home about the treatment of white males on college campuses. I once sat on a University committee where we reviewed a survey about to be conducted along with the population to be surveyed. I remarked that they did not include enough males in the sample. The response was, that frankly they did care what the men on campus thought. Both of my sons attended this school; and both experienced the this attitude of the University leadership towards the white male population.

thank you for having the courage to speak out. As an attorney, I have handled many cases where good Dads are falsely accused of abuse. The courts and the authorities give the allegations credibility simply becuz the allegations have been made by a woman. There seems to be a mentality that all women are honorable and would never manipulate the system. Unfortunately, the presumption of innocence does not apply when a man is accuse. eg. Duke Lacross team

Do you remember when Bill Maher called Evangelical Christians insane and when Rosie O’Donnell compared Christians to terrorists? I have three thoughts on this issue: 1) I feel there is such a double standard in play here. Did anyone even bat an eyelash against either of these two personalities for publicly denigrating a group of people? And 2) Why in the world did this group of young woman that Imus remarked about allow the remarks of one man have so much power over them? They know that what he said does not reflect who they really are. It’s a shame that they wasted so much energy on one man’s opinion. Christians know that they are not crazy and not terrorists, so we easily shrugged of Mahers’ and O’Donnell’s ridiculous remarks. I am not saying that it is o.k. for Don Imus to go around saying whatever he pleases about different groups of people with no consequence; I am stating that there is a double standard. And 3) There is so much media coverage on this Imus incident, but there was barely any on the incidents when Maher and O’Donnell had their say about Christians. The media is making sure that the public feels the pain of the young women, but they didn’t give that chance to Christians.

I agree, in many respects, with your statements about the portrayal of men/fathers on television these days. "According to Jim" comes to mind. However, I see it as a free enterprise issue, not a liberal/conservative or feminist issue. If people did not like the shows, they would not watch and these shows would be canceled. And, I don't believe for a minute that only liberals and feminists are watching these shows. My guess is that conservatives are watching, too.

Regarding Title IX, I don't think overall men's athletic programs are suffering because of it. Maybe some small colleges have some issues with it. But, my guess is that there are other factors involved with discontinuing some men's athletic programs. I don't hear any big Division I schools crying about losing men's programs. I am also curious about other schools that your son can attend that would satisfy his educational and athletic goals. You make it seem like this great country does not offer him any other opportunities to fulfill these dreams.

Lastly, are you making too big a deal about the portrayal of men on television? I have heard others say that minorities and women are too sensitive about their portrayals in the media. Recently, I read somewhere that the Rutgers women's basketball players showed a lack of character because one of them said that she would be "scarred for life" over the Imus comments. The idea being that since these women knew they were not "hos", then the comments did not apply to them. Therefore, they should not be bothered by them. Shouldn't men/fathers treat their portrayals on television in a similar manner? You know, "like water on a duck's back." Let it roll right off.


How do we battle this? I'm the wife of one fabulous "white, Anglo-Saxon, straight male" and the mother of two equally fabulous boys. One way we have decided to battle this dicrimination is through our lack of cable television in our home. We also send our kids to a Christian school. I know our actions may be considered rash, but we are determined to fight for our sons (and our daughter, too). But how can we, as Christians, battle this cancer that is eating away at the strength of our males and is destroying our nation? How can we turn the tide? Thank you for speaking on their behalf.

I just read your article on World View Weekend about Don Imus and the fact that the group of people in this country who get the least respect is men. To someone who grew up in the kind of home I did this is really disturbing. My dad was respected. He came to this country as an immigrant before World War I, served in the army, lost an eye, worked all his life to support his family. He never gained any notice for being rich and powerful, because he wasn't. We lived in a fairly rural area and what he was respected for was being a man of his word. My sister married a young farmer back in 1940 and they had been married for 60 years and 6 weeks when he died. He was respected because he was simply honest--it was a case of "what you saw was what you got."

I've known some men who are pretty useless, and some of them live in my neighborhood. But wholesale denigration of any group, men, women, blacks, college students is wrong. But you are right--the two groups that are fair game today are men and committed Christians of either sex or color. I'm no longer a young woman, but I think in some respects the "good old days" really did have some things to recommend them. We have faster communications, indoor plumbing (I will admit that is a real blessing), hot and cold running water, and just about instant everything. We also have bad manners in all segments, total self-centeredness even among Christians, and the attitude that "if it feels good do it." We are seeing the truth of II Timothy 3:2 For men shall be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, haughty, railers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, That's where the problem is. It all goes back to the fact that we live in a world that is against God.

Dear Mrs. Hagelin,

I just read your article describing the dissing of white males. I couldn't agree more. I've noticed this trend for some time with increasing annoyance. From sitcoms to commercials to feminist commentators, it's a constant drumbeat. I've got a small insight on how it must be to walk in George Bush's shoes. Every problem has it's root cause leading to my door. To make matters worse, I'm a conservative, Christian , white male!!! Thanks again for exposing this societal aberration.

I cringe every time there is a WaMu commercial. Cool young black guy - white middle aged dolts! A color-blind society? What a joke. Reverse discrimination and the PC police reign. We can't even be candid about monsters who want to attack us because we might hurt their feelings!

Thank you for writing about misandry. This is an important topic and one where society is getting worse. Even the church is getting more and more into spouting contempt for men as the way to love.

I'm retired due to disability and now spend my time taking care of my working wife & our home. Years ago though, I was a young father with two kids and no wife. I and many others fought the system to get rights for lone fathers. It was a hard fight, but we won most of the battles. One area where we lost and still loose is in sexism. Lone fathers are a source of amusement or hate, never simply people doing an important task.

Sexism, like any 'ism,' is a lot bigger than it appears on the surface.

I'm a fellow columnist at UPI and read your column. I wanted to add my thoughts.

It's been fashionable to make fun of white males for about 30-40 years. In that time, they've continued to own more property and industry, control more positions in the government and they own 99% of the professional sports franchises compared with women and blacks. Their wealth and power continues to outpace blacks and women by a huge margin.

On the other hand, it has been fashionable to dismiss/mischaracterize and demean women for thousands of years (until about forty years ago) and blacks were used for white American economic gain through forced labor and Jim Crow laws for 350 years. They've "enjoyed" about forty years where racist remarks were called out when made publicly.

I'd say white males have power and prestige to spare. If we can't see that the corrective is to compensate for centuries of mistreatment and oppression, then I'd say we are blind to history and are only concerned with our contemporary personal feelings.

Dear Rebecca,

I read your column on Imus and the way white men are portrayed and abused in this society. Thank you for writing and speaking out with what so many of us feel deeply and grieve deeply for the men in our lives. I wonder where in the world I can raise my son that hasn’t already demonized him. I am so worried about his future here that my husband and I seriously are looking for other countries to move to with better treatment of men. It’s that bad. I hope with the circus Imus has created, that real discussion will be created. I am reading more and more articles that begin with Imus and end with Rosie to highlight how hypocritical our media is. I truly believe it is radical feminists and their mindless followers who have hijacked many many institutions in this country all to the detriment of both men and women. Every column or letter or article I have ever read about radical feminists is that they are very very angry. They live their lives in anger and contempt. How does that help feminism and how does that help themselves? Sadly, it will take women to push back the tide of bigotry against white men (and men in general) because the media will only scoff at men trying to pick up their dignity off the editors floor on their own. Here are the usual suspects: Title IX, unilateral abortion, mom-driven divorce industry and the worst: VAWA which obliterates the Constitution in its entirety with its “guilty before proven innocent” policy and no evidentiary standard. With the Duke Lacrosse tragedy, the Harvard hysteria and the Imus debacle hopefully our nation will start to see what it has turned into and change for the better for both men, women and children.

Dear Ms. Hagelin,

Thank you for your defence of contemporary males. The bashing has been going on for longer than you can imagine. I will soon be 79 and I noticed it first in the late 1970’s on television and in commercials such as you describe. I personally boycotted programs which I found offensive, many to whom I expressed my dismay thought I was hyper-sensitive and silly. I wish I could remember some of the programs in the category, but cannot.

I hope your son succeeds in finding a school which will appreciate his abilities.


You are so right when you state that for years it has been open season on white males, particulary (which I don't think you added) Christian white males. And I do believe it is a shame how girls/women are being pushed into athletics just so that they can show that they can do whatever males can (which they bilogically can't). I would just say, though, that I don't agree with you on the term "white, Anglo-Saxon" males. There is ongoing prejudice against white "ethnic" males as well, e.g., Italian, Jewis, Polish, etc. My ancestry is 3/4 Italian, and I have seen/heard enough derogatory remarks against my ethnicity (particulary from the mass media) to fill a book. But going back to discriminatory hiring practices against whites in general, as a teacher, even if a principal wanted to hire me for an opening, I could be denied employment at that particular school if the percentage of minority employees was too low (and that did happen to me). We should be judeged, as it has been said, on the content of our character, and not by our ethnicity or religion. Keep on doing what you have been doing, and I plan to read your latest book.

Yes, you made a good point. I believe that Don Imus got what he deserved, but for too long it has been acceptable to denigrate and ridicule fathers - especially white men. There are too many men in our society (all ethnicities) who are not good marriage material, but there are also intelligent and decent men. Our boys sorely need decent role models who are respectable and respected, both in real life and in entertainment. And any young person, male or female, should have the opportunity to make the best of himself or herself. The sports quota story is sad.


I agree with you that the white male is being shown as a stupid idiot. Can it be that someone at an advertising agency is to blame or is there more than on agency doing this? I am not buying any products that depict the white male as an idiot and I am telling the manufacturer of the product my disgust.


I have only just learned of your recent observations on the state of Modern Men (in Townhall.com), I do not always check the mail daily. I agree fully that we men, especially white ones, have a particularly difficult time. Many people of the left, feminists in particular, seem to think that men never have any difficulties, that everything is simply handed to us simply because we're male. We automatically get better jobs at 25% higher salary, we gain immediate acceptance to the most prestigous universities, and that we can be insulted with impunity.

I am in an envrionment where I encouter these things frequently. I have had conversations cease instantly when I mention that I am a veteran, particularly amongst feminists. Once I got into an argument with a local university student over a statement she had made. Concerning some shortsighted decisions our local city made on highway construction, she blurted out that "you can tell that there were no women on the committee." I retorted that I would never get away with saying something like that if the genders were reversed. She insisted that she was justified, because men have oppressed women for centuries. I responded that she was quite well preserved for having lived so long, which she didn't find amusing. Fortunately, it did not erupt into a violent shouting match, which for a moment I feared.

This sort of thing is common. On another occasion I overheard someone addressing a large meeting on the problem of academic dishonesty. When it was mentioned that collegiate men are more likely than women to cheat on examinations, a ripple of quiet laughter swept through the room. These things may seem minor, and taken individually they are, but the cumulative effect does weigh heavily. It is especially galling when I feel as if I have to watch everything I say for fear of crossing the Insensitivity Border, yet feminists have no concept of such restraint.

In summary, I do feel as if people must be more willing to tolerate a bit of offense. . . recall how ridiculous the Muslims appear over recent events, cartoons, the Pope etc (how dare you say Islam is violent! I kill you!). Yet, it would be satisfying if EVERYONE were held to this principle, instead of expectying men to accept all verbal assaults placidly, while feminists and their cohorts wail at the slightest hint of Insensitivity (according to their standards).


Thank you very much for your article that expresses my frustration more eloquently than I ever could. When I find myself getting angry watching or listening to the constant put downs and derogatory comments I sometimes wonder if it is just me or do others feel this way. Should I just "lighten up"? After all it is only humor. I would like to tell everyone that it is not "only humor" when you hear it over and over.

I have been married to my wonderful wife for 23 years, have 2 teenage boys in honors programs at school, active in Boy Scouts (one almost Eagle) and 1st degree Black belts. I go to work every day, spend many hours a week as a leader in Boy Scouts and take active role in their lives in general. We eat dinner as a family most nights and try to actually have conversations with them (they are teenage boys after all). I don't deserve to be made fun of and my sons don't deserve to hear it day in and day out. They deserve to feel that if they follow a path similar to the one I chose that they will be respected by all facets of mainstream society, not put down because they don't jump off the roof of the house.

Good Afternoon Rebecca,

Its good to see someone sticking up for the white heterosesxual male for a change.

I emigrated to Canada in 1994 from Great Britain, foolishly thinking that being ex British Army, I could be a paramedic, a firefighter, or a police officer. No chance. I am white and heterosexual and have been told that three three services require, gays, lesbians, visible minorities and in some cases, disabled people. Today I am 49 years of age and own my own security service in Calgary, Alberta. I regularly advertise for staff, but receive Resumes from Third World immigrants who can barely speak English. People from the Philippines, Sudan, India and other Third World countries with poor English and no skills seem to have no problem emigrating here. Yet I recently met a white man from South Africa with a degree in petrolium engineering who is struggling to acquire his land immigration status. I have just sent off a letter offering employment to a police inspector in South Africa, who is desperate to get his young family out of the country. Hopefully, his two year work visa will be enough to help him secure his landed immigrant status. The stories he tells me about life in the "Rainbow Nation" will never be published in any Western newspaper.

Before you think I am a white supremist, my wife of 19 years is Chinese and we have two children. But it seems that if you are a white male, you are the worst kind of individual on the planet. I call this kind of reverse discrimination, "Caucasiasphobia." It's happening world-wide, and its getting worse. But, do I really need to tell you? Regarding South Africa and Rhodesai (sorry, Zimbabwe), I wrote my own article on this, which one of your fellow journalists here in Canada, Barbara Kay, loved! I know you probably don't have time to read it, but here it is.


My name is Bruce W. Sullivan. Your article made me realize that I am not crazy after all. Ufortunately, I represent the profession that has spearheaded all of the male hatred. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor currently in Private practice. I have been a professional for 12 years now and worked in a variety of contexts over the years. I have been beat up on, harassed, and treated like an animal. I have refused to commit fruad and abuse the clients. And what is the impotent little crime I have committed? I am a white heterosexual male. Actually, I am not, I am Spanish Irish. I have had to start telling people this to keep the heat off of me. I can get away with it because I look Spanish. The men come in for marital counseling with their wives and the therapists automatically start beating up on them for the failure of the marriage. I have been run off from just about every job. I have had 9 different jobs in 12 years. The women make all kinds of discrimination remarks against me openly in the work place. There is nothing I can say back. But one dare not say anything against a female. I am actually ready to take a one way ticket to Ireland and never come back to this country...Anyway, your article was right on the money...

Thanks for your column. I am an Eagle Scout. I went back to my troop as a man to help lead it as an assistant scoutmaster. When mothers started coming on the camping trips, I left Scouting. (My wife was not permitted to come because we didn't have children in the troop. I would not have wanted her there because I believe it diminishes the experience for the boys.) I have learned that the YWCA still exists, but women want to be members of the YMCA. There is no place sacred for men where we can enjoy each other's company without women trying to sue to ruin that. I can't recall men suing to join female-only clubs.

I am a conservative Christian, and even within the church women ridicule men. They don't know any better because that is what the culture does. If a man dares say anything, he is heaped on like a piece a meat in a pack of hyenas.

Even in marriage and divorce, men still get little respect. My ex had an affair. In retrospect, I can see my fault in poor communication and misaligned priorities with college and work. Even so, women sometimes look at me as if my ex- is completely blameless, and I am totally at fault for her choices and actions.

I have found that there are wonderful women who are happy to be women. More over, they are happy that men are men. Sadly, all those I have met are married already.

But alas, because of short-term missions trips through church, I have met kind, intelligent women in Peru, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Namibia who have not been infected with the loathing and disrespect that many American women have for men.

Thank you so very much for your commentary. Women must stand up to women and demonstrate this attitudes self-hatred. If a man does so, as I have attempted, he is labeled a chauvinistic or misogynist.

God bless you and your family. He certainly has better things in store for your son than James Madison. :)

Dear Rebecca

Thank you for your insightful article. Boy bashing is so common nowadays. Some of the most popular t-shirts are ones with sayings like"boys are stupid, throw rocks". I understand how you feel. I have a 12 yr. old son who is obsessed with wrestling, and has many wrestling "heroes". UGH! They are so arrogant and obnoxious. I wish there were real heroes for him to admire on t.v. not those idiots. The white males of our day are now blamed for all the evils of the world. Sad isn't it?


Let first start off by saying, "Thank you for your article." Not only did I find it well-written and articulate, but I found it equally as truthful and meaningful as anything that I've ever read regarding the perception of young men and fathers in America. I am a single, twenty-four year old professional with a Bachelors and Masters degree in Accounting. I graduated Cum Laude and was a recognized campus leader, which in turn helped me sign-on with a world-class financial services organization. And yet, sometimes, after all the hard work I have put forth to sharpen my image, I still feel as though I am stereotyped and pigeon-holed as a chauvinistic playboy - with all guilt lying in the fact that I am an adult male. I applaud your efforts to gain recognition of this problem, a cancerous "reverse sexist-racism." I, like your son, had high aspirations and expectations when I graduated from high school with a 4.0 GPA and ACT score of 30. I did all that I could in college and succeeded - and guess what? I have the tens of thousands of dollars in student loans to prove it. Further, I am from Mississippi - which to everyone in the known world is considered a breeding ground for bigotry and hatred. Again, although I had nothing to do with the denial of civil liberties to anyone - I am automatically assumed to be a proponent for such actions. At the time I graduated from high school, I thought of my misfortune as retribution for the poor decisions that white males have made since the beginning of time. Atleast - this is how I rationalized why I was not considered for certain scholarships and opportunities. However, it wasn't until I got older and matured that I came to realize that such thinking is unacceptable. I am not perfect. I have done things of which I am not particularly proud, but why am I, as a white male, constantly exploited and incorrectly reminded that I am drunken, selfish whore? Does any other race, ethnicity, or sex demand the chastising and berating that we receive? The media's answer is, "No." Why? I guess because it sells and it's easy to fashion storylines about stoic, senseless, sex-crazed men.

I was raised in an upper middle class family and never wanted for anything that wasn't given to me within reason. I thank my parents for those blessings every chance I get. My father is the most decent, best person I know. To my knowledge, he has never done anything with a malicious intent or acted like a complete idiot at home. Yet on shows like "Nip Tuck," "According to Jim," "King of Queens," "The Simpsons," and many others, my hard-working father is portrayed as an ass in many different lights. Don't get me wrong - I find the shows funny, but this is where the problem lies. Although I don't see my father in the same light, this is how we paint him in America.

Again, thank you for your insight and thank you for listening to me ramble. I appreciate you and your valuable opinion. In all seriousness, if you are ever in Dallas, Texas, I'd like to buy you lunch.


Thanks for the article and your insight as a mother of boys. I am the father of a boy and see the same things. I would add that movies are also as bad as television. Case in point are "I Love Huckabees" and "Running with Scissors." These are two of the worst movies ever, which I walked out on after 45 minutes of torture. Both portray "normal" white males (and sometimes females) as idiots, bigots, dopes or the "abnormal" character while the gay, feminist woman, minority or far left individuals are protrayed as normal and cool. But just watch about any movie coming out and you'll see the same.

I read your column in Christian World View. As a woman, I have long been disturbed by the media's portrayal of men, especially white men in movies, TV programs, and even TV/radio advertising.

More than once, I have called the radio station to get contact numbers for the advertisers and then called the advertisers and complained. I have encouraged friends to do likewise.

I wish more people would speak out and let their opinion be known.

Thank you for all you are doing.

Hi Rebecca,

I just read your article at Religion and Spirituality. This is a subject that has been a peeve of mine for years (I quit watching Everybody Loves Raymond because of it). I have complained at every TV show and commercial until my two teenage boys now pick it out and comment without me saying anything. I don't understand why such a small minority of people with control over the airwaves seem obsessed with polluting the imagery that our whole society consumes. To me the TV is in large part a sewer pipe that empties into our living room. I am trying to get my sons to look critically at all of the things that eminate from this "pagan altar" and never consume anything without questioning and examining it, just as you would never drink a bottle without verifying what's inside. Thanks for speaking out and being one of the things that come out of my TV that is for the good.

I agree with your article entitled "What if Imus had bashed white males?" I also think there should be one called"What if Imus had bashed Catholics?", and one called "What if Imus had talked about sexually explicit things?", or "What if Imus had bashed priests or Jesus?" I could go on and on, but men aren't the only ones treated this way, the media is busy enough degrading women in a different way. Portraying them as nothing but sex objects. I don't want my sons to see women that way. They can't even turn on the television and watch a hockey game or the superbowl without commercials about beer and half naked women! Did you ever here shock jock Howard Stern? I cannot even listen to his voice without being offended.

The media is very hard on christians, but if muslims or jews, or whatever other religion came under scrutiny, whoever said it would be fired immediately! This country is becoming so backwards, it's scary! The principles that this country were founded on are being used against us. Only the minorities are going to be the ones with rights in this country. It's not a free country at all. I don't even think this country knows what it's belief system is anymore. It's one big legal loophole!

It surprises me that this country is so shocked about the mass murders like Columbine and the most recent in Virginia. Innocent human life is being taken every day in MUCH larger numbers through abortion! And.....it's LEGAL! I'm very scared of what the future holds for us, if we continue on the path we are going.

In response to your article about bashing white men : Amen. I couldn’t have said it any better.

Dear Rebecca,

Gosh! Did you ever hit a nerve. I am the mother of three very nice young men. They have had the devil's own time at some of their schools. My oldest is just a plain nice person had to endure a class at University in feminist theory for his criminal justice degree. He was the only man in the class and not only endured nasty, hideous remarks about being a "possible" rapist, but a couple of his classmates actually turned around and smacked his arms during particularly ugly professor led hate sessions.

He got absolutely nowhere with the administration over this type of ugly assault, verbal and physical and finally dropped the class and the program since he couldn't graduate without it.

I could go on and on and on about the discrimination and injustice, but hey, they are only white men. It's permissible.

I've had it.

Dear Ms. Hagelin:

Thank you, thank you.! My husband, son and I are sick and tired of the belittling of men and discrimination against white males. I've been waiting for someone to speak out on this issue and I hope you won't stop and other high profile media personnel join you. But MEN need to stand up for themselves! Where are their voices?

Dear Rebecca,

From childhood we were taught to respect our Fathers,brothers, Uncles and any male we came into contact with.Especially us who were of Lebanese desent. I am 86yrs old now but I still respect a man as I was taught to do. I find them very thoughtful of me in my old age and more considerate I must admit and respectful too.My family is all gone now and I have two roomers who treat me with a great deal of respect much more than females do and I thank the good Lord for sending them into my life. Bless you Rebecca for all you are doing for family life and for our men!!!

Praying for you always!

Dear Rebecca,

Finally, someone is starting to speak out. I am so tired of white males being portrayed as idiots. They seem to be the only group of people that you can insult and nothing will happen to you. I totally agree with you on the Don Imus situation. Although I never listened to him, his punishment was a little extreme considering we hear much worse coming out of the black community about white people. If you ever listened to a rap song or heard a black comedian, you will understand.

The very moral fiber of our country is at stake now. Things are happening so quickly to deteriorate our society and very few people are fighting against them. You are a "voice in the wilderness" and people such as I appreciate you. Please don't give up.

I am the mother of two grown sons, grandmother to two boys and one girl, with another grandbaby on the way. My boys were both very active in athletics and they were definitely discriminated against in our relatively small town of 12,000. We are WASPs and the majority of the population here is Hispanic. Try to catch a 1st string position in that environment!

Many years ago when I was in college, my speech professor assigned "your pet peeve." This was in 1976 and I spoke about the Women's Movement. The young men applauded, the young women looked at me aghast. I still believe that the Women's Movement has been at least partially to blame for the downward spiral of America. What you said on O'Reilly hits the proverbial nail on the head.

I long for the days of Dick Van Dyke, Andy Griffith, even Bill Cosby. Those were good, solid men filled with integrity. My boys could watch tv without my being concerned that the role models they watched would lead them into less than desired behavior. Not so now. How sad that with all the money Hollywood has to spend, we can't have at least one good show on with values that match those of so many Americans.

Thank you for speaking out.


I couldn't agree more with your comments in the above article. I have been saying this for years, lamenting and railing against the "reverse discrimination" of white males, not just young white males, but all white males. I am 67 and have watched a slow deterioration of any affection for white males of any kind. It is absolutely sikening. Thanks loads for your thoughts...and I hope your son makes out OK. Best regards.